10 BEST PC Games of 2019 You NEED To Play


PC gaming often feels like it is moving a step ahead of consoles. For the most part, multiplatform games are best played on PC, while the platform is also treated to yearly exclusives that cannot be found elsewhere, making it the best of both worlds. 2019 told a similar story, and PC audiences were treated to a large, strong, and diverse selection of games throughout the year.

Here, we’ll be talking about 10 of our favourites from that selection, before crowning one of those 10 as our favourite PC game of 2019.




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  1. Wtf is this… did a non gamer make this shit? Literally I can play almost all of these on a console what’s the point?

  2. Gears 5 is literally the most disappointing game of the decade for me. Reusing old maps, it feels like an expansion pack into gears 4. Changing so much campaign wise and little to nothing multiplayer wise.

  3. Lol I love how people on pc say how far ahead pc is yet there excited about games that came out months ago to 10 years ago on consoles.lol. yet pc is last to get most aaa games and they get poorly ported over and are usually out of date because console players already played them months to years ago.haha. I have all consoles and a 4600$ pc and still am smart enough to say than console xbox and playstation are better and ahead of pc. PC could be ahead of console but they just dont put out enough good titles and most games on steam are shitty old console games and free to play arcade crap games. There are a few good games on pc. But a few compared to the shit ton on console. You guys gotta stop talking pc up like it's the best it's not even close.lol. get more games on time instead of months to years later then ya maybe, but console players out way pc players so that won't happen. Sorry but you sound like morons talking about pc being the best.lol

  4. So…you put RDR2 on number4??? and RE2, Final fukn'fantasy and Gears on 1,2 and 3? what is wrong with you? go back to your rock, jesus ..you wouldn't know a good game if it bit you on the a$$ and here you are making lists for others.

  5. sekiro and rdr2 shouldve been top 2. no idea how these guys came to the conclusion that gears 5 would be their top choice.

  6. Download metro exodus full pc game for free from here :

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  7. My sister rage quit from being always dead for an hour XD. Fireboy and Watergirl is hard game on hudgames, goldy games

  8. I suggest the survival horror game “The forest” and “sons of the forest” when it comes out.

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  10. You can try Neverwinter.

    It's definitely a good game and I highly recommend it.




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