Aaron Huey: America's native prisoners of war


Aaron Huey’s effort to photograph poverty in America led him to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where the struggle of the native Lakota people — appalling, and largely ignored — compelled him to refocus. Five years of work later, his haunting photos intertwine with a shocking history lesson in this bold, courageous talk from TEDxDU.

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  1. "The last chapter in any successful genocide is the one in which the oppressor can remove their hands and say "My god! What are these people doing to themselves? They are killing each other, they are killing themselves" while we watch them die"

  2. It’s worth adding that the Govt allowed drilling for uranium on land they took from the Lakota north of Pine Ridge and in the Black Hills. When they were done they left the holes and the ground water was polluted and was radioactive . This caused their rivers and water sources to be affected and the people became sick, especially the children. One of the worst areas is a dumping area near Egerton in the southern part of the Black Hills. Nobody is being held accountable for this. The drilling co. should be prosecuted.

  3. except… this is wrong. The Lakota were a violent tribe who were hated by their neighboring tribes, a violent tribe, the kind of native american who actually scalped people. Sure we were fucked up in killing them at wounded knee, but we give them, MONTHLY, money and resources for them to use. what do they do? Buy booze and gamble. I know, I live in this fucking state. 'The White Man' did not murder a majority of fucking native americans. SMALLPOX did. a mass majority of native american lives were taken by disease accidentally brought over that they did not have an immunity to. These people either need to stay on the reservation and stop asking for help, or integrate with the rest of us and become useful members of society. They get free hand outs monthly and don't have to follow any of our laws, or pay any form of taxes. Why? Because the color of their skin. Because we conquered them.

  4. i have watched this video many times n it still brings tears to my eyes it shows wat the lakotas and the Dakotas went through our eople suffered but we still survived n still remain to be strong but this has touched my heart to let the wasicus look at wat is still happening we natives are always put on the back burner wen it comes to support they send moneys over seas

  5. These photos are almost to hard to look at, but I thank Aaron for leading this talk. I've been following this issue closely and have seen many groups forming in resistance. You all may like this blog and book to learn more: https://www.mikesteinauthor.com/

  6. Long live Aaron Huey and all the beautiful Natives this country belonged to and always will!!! Long live all those who open their hearts to the truth and take action!!

  7. 3:18 – 3:37 “1863. An uprising of Santee Sioux in Minnesota ends with the hanging of 38 Sioux men. The largest mass execution in US history. The execution was ordered by president Lincoln only two days (dramatic pause) after he signed the emancipation proclamation.”
    At your next presentation, try this:
    1863. An uprising of Santee Sioux in Minnesota ends with the trial and death sentence of 303 Sioux men. Orders of execution are put on Abraham Lincoln’s desk. Lincoln’s response is a simple, courageous declaration: “I could not afford to hang men for votes.” Lincoln took the politically dangerous action of intervening and pardoning – and thus saving the lives – of 265 Sioux men. 87% of those convicted. It is most fitting that this noble and brave act occurred just two days after he signed the emancipation proclamation. After officially proclaiming that enslaved blacks living on US soil were herby free, the rescuing of 265 Sioux from being lynched by a horde of vengeful whites was the greatest achievement of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. Thousands of Sioux who are the descendants of those 265 owe him their lives.
    Don’t ever twist facts and omit truths in order to spit on the greatest president in American history.

  8. I came from Nepal. After 20 years of living in the states I’m learning about the indigenous people of this land. In this processor came across your video. I cried and I have no words.

  9. ..🦊…most of our people are european in belief ,….by not buying non Indian has lead a mass invasion on the Flathead Reservation ,….sometimes it takes me five or ten minutes to cross hwy 93,..this means more schools and churches of their own,….the tribe refuses to open a salvage yard for us people who need monies to live on our own Reservation ,…..they have nothing of their own to make money 💰 no creativity just other people’s ideas ,…just a casino that feeds off us ,…..🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


  11. There’s a lot of blaming against the U.S. government but the speaker doesn’t address why the reservations remain in poverty. He doesn’t offer solutions to better the reservations or point out why federal programs geared to assisting people below the poverty line aren’t working. In other words, he paints the tragic history of the Indians and without really talking about present issues. A lot of problems, no solutions. Just blames the government for violating treaties and massacres.

  12. I am ashamed; ashamed for being white, ashamed for being of the European stock that initially brought about all this misery, not only in North America but also in Australasia, Africa, wherever we went. I am ashamed for you Americans who continue to allow this treatment of your brothers and sisters, ashamed that these attitudes persist wherever you go in the world: in the Far East, Africa, the Middle East – across the globe. Please will you learn and watch how other countries have and continue to pull back from these attitudes and actions. People should and must learn that making money is usually at the expense of those already less fortunate.

  13. the actual translation is; "they took the fat. "
    From the Joseph M. Marshal lll book; The Day The World Ended At Little Big Horn.
    …also, 8 days BEFORE the battle to STOP the attack on their village at Greasy Grass, Crazy Horse led a force of 500+ warriors over the mountain, in the night, and fought General Crook to a standstill at the battle of The Rosebud…then went back over that mountain and 8 days latter, along with Gall and other warier chiefs completed defeated Custer's invasion force,

  14. Argumentum ad passiones…Listen to the emotion in his bleeding heart connect to his little eyes, as his voice cracks and he almost cries. Does anyone know what this logical fallacy is called?

  15. Are truth is out! Kurshner! AN the police GOVTS what was done at dapl! Suck her blood! He watching! We protected by him! TO forgive is to know ! TO forgive you must know truth! Alloments! Comes depression! I was ask if I'm proud of the native American soldiers! No I don't honor I only honor death! This your divide ways! Nothing can get done only learning now ! Taking care of mother earth! Are you capable now! Can you help bring back lands now! Only together can we do this ! Many tribes divides cause of wanting money! Can you help them now are u ready too forgive an unite when I family stayed traditional! We United Indians of all tribes! Torn apart cause of tribes better than others! Your casino die too! For you to forgot tradition! Your proud to say American nattives! All tribes ride on this! Now speak as one! Pilmaya cola for speaking up for them!

  16. Is it still possible to do "video replies"? I was wanting to reply with https://youtu.be/_xwCuQQ9PPo
    a video of a small portion of gifts.

  17. China is the only one major industry country build industry system only rely on people's hardworking without colony other countries.

  18. so can you tell me why in 1862 indians kill 800 white civilians and only 38 sentence to death is so unacceptale.Besides your tribe civil war is far brutal than white men treat you.and in woundknee masscare 25 white rangers die , it is caused by a tragedy misunderstanding,and indian also fire back. If you read history in eastern country like my China, you will understand western treat you so civilized.

  19. Just finished the book "The Earth is Weeping" by Peter Cozzens. It is what lead me to watch this video. Anyway, just wanted to recommend the book.

  20. Thank You Aaron for speaking truth
    Time for the entire world to hear truth and be taught Honest History, not the bullshit taught in white peoples schools Way back when I went to class. My daughter history books still had WRONG information in her books and I went to principles office and advised, nothing done about it then, many years ago but I doubt they have rewritten history books to this day. Not with the truth in them, might make all the little white boys and girls run home crying to their parents

  21. Even as a Canadian who was alive at the end of reservation schools, never have I been disgusted so badly by my own culture.

  22. It's disgusting knowing that us immigrants, move the people who were here first because of our greed and selfishness.

    The worst part is that we did it to all of the Native Americans. The trail of tears, for example, we didn't care about the Cherokees wellbeing, we let 4000 out of 12,000 of them die, why? You might ask, because of our greed.

  23. Israel is doing this to Palastine and blackmailing us into helping cause of this very issue, and the same people that did this to the Natives are doing it to Palastine, and the war we are in now is for the same issue,, Some people just can't be trusted, their race is enought to banish them,,Zionist.

  24. The Rez is an example of what happens when property rights are weak or non-existent. Poverty like this is common worldwide, wherever secure property rights are lacking. Drugs, alcoholism, corruption or school-dropout rates are often blamed, but those are just symptoms. Prosperity is built on property rights, not faustian bargains with a soul-less governments that treat you like a permanent underclass

  25. Взорвётся Йелустоун и другие вулканы, с шаманистической точки зрения говорю Вам, Вам индейцам надо Спасаться в Сибири, откуда сами родом.
    Yelustoun and other volcanoes will explode, from the shamanistichesky point of view I speak to you, you to Indians should Escape in Siberia from where it is.

  26. The shocking truth of how the US came into existence. We must watch this to see the other side of the story that rarely anyone chooses to discuss and to learn from history so that we don't dance to the flute of the Empire like fools, as we are doing today.

  27. serious questions…where does all that casino money go?…are the tribes that operate profitable casinos banding together to help build reservations and purchase more land in this country?…

  28. And this is the one reason why I don't like Obama.  With such focus and intensity placed on illegal immigrants, giving them rights, money, land, jobs, etc…while the true natives to this land, those even older and with more of a right to the land are still suffering like this.  

    The debates on Native American land, rights, and freedoms is heated, and can be both moving when it's from the native peoples, and disgusting when other nations and races join in.  The cruel words that they say are nothing compared to what Native Americans have lived for the last 200 years, but still, those discussions are in blogs, occasionally making their way to small news headlines, then back into the depths of the internet.  I haven't heard a major news story about Native Americans…ever, honestly.  I have never seen it on the mainstream news, and I have never heard it spoken of by the three presidents I can recall living through.

    Many countries like to believe the U.S.'s skeleton is that its own citizens are dying of starvation, living in poverty, and without proper rights while the presidents and peoples focus on sending their money and help to other countries and nations around the world.

    But that's not the skeleton.  The skeleton is literal.  The skeletons of millions of Native American peoples we build our houses on, farm our crops on, erect cities and towns on top of.  The few of their people left that we ignore and neglect, waiting for them to become more skeletons we can build more cities on top of.  People who we still treat like aliens on their own land.

    I imagine what it would look like today.  If say, Russia decided it wanted France, and walked in and just mowed down the people with automatic rifles, machine guns, tanks, and cannons.  They then erected their flag and declared it a new nation, a nation they discovered, found land and prosperity in, and decided to claim for the glory of Russia.

    No one in their right mind would stand for that.  No one would see the native French people who remained as 'aliens' or something.  The entire world would fight to avenge the mindless slaughter that occurred, and to give the land back to the rightful owners.  Money, aid, and more would be sent to the native French peoples to rebuild their homes and lives.

    I'm not too familiar with Australia's history, but I do know in recent years there was this massive apology given to the native Australians from the white Europeans who settled there and took over the way of life, I believe.

    In the end, the worth and value of the world will not be measured in technology, designs, or what we have built.  It will be measured based on our humanity and compassion.


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