Actor Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus l GMA Digital


The actor was tested after someone with whom he was in contact tested positive.


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  1. Didn't know who this dude was before. Still don't give a fuck. Couldn't care less, about uneducated actors. Really don't want their opinion on things.

  2. Ccp virus: I have travelled far and wide, been to many places you could never imagine to finally make it to Hollywood
    Antiviral drug: we shall see. Prepare for battle.

  3. And now she tests positive. Wear a mask bro your cute accent doesn’t filter the virus. This chick cannot live without that D.

  4. Don't believe a word this $4M30 says, he has probably been told to tell the world he has it too just so they can put Africans and Blacks in a state of panic too. He works for the system, do not be too sure what is going on right now. Idris Alba is a stooge and a puppet. Why would he even be announcing to the world he has it? You think this is something people do?

  5. you can be sceptical about being manipulated by governments all you want, but if IDRIS tells you to stay home, YOU F§$"&!ing STAY HOME

    idris, i have your shirts and a jacket from Superdry, i think i will be fine…

    get well soon

  6. Why all actors and actresses are getting corona virus' why not we. I think this virus should be named as 'make people afrad' Virus. You can also the video.' Corona virus Italian actor forced to stay in quarantine with sister's dead body's. I think he is forced to do all this acting. This is called home paid actor or quarantine actors.

  7. Why you lying bro, people with coronavirus does show symptoms confirmed why are you spreading fear my guy he doesn’t have it y’all .

  8. Are they not listening? If you have zero symptoms just self quarantine and always act like you and everyone has Coronavirus.Tests are limited and hard to get save it for someone that is really has symptoms and needs it. These self privileged “famous” people need to stop being selfish and taking tests away from people who have symptoms and need it.

  9. They will be divorced very soon he so called got a serious virus that can kill and she on him like white on Rice she the reason I no he is a damn lie💯💯💯

  10. The story may have been a little more believable if he didn't have that idiot in the background playing with her face and sniffing up his ass crack like a lost mutt 🐕🐕🐩🐩

  11. So much deception, those who buy this are Very much under a spell.
    Once you can see through this you can’t unsee it…

  12. BRO, you are 1,000,000 times LESS IMPORTANT than the person ringing up my food at the GROCERY STORE. FUCK OFF AND SHUT THE FUCK UP. THE WORLD DOESNT NEED YOU


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