Amendment could keep Putin in power until 2036


Russian President Vladimir Putin could stay in power until 2036 after lawmakers voted in favor of a last-ditch proposal to reset the clock on the leader’s presidential term count in an updated version of the constitution.

Under current Russian law, Putin is required to step down as president in 2024, when his second consecutive term in office comes to an end.
The proposed constitutional amendment was brought by MP Valentina Tereshkova, a loyal Putin supporter, and called for the presidential term limit to either be scrapped or simply for Putin to be allowed to run for president again. CNN’s Matthew Chance reports.

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  1. Democrats are silent about this while spending millions of dollars on a useless investigation that took about 2 years I think and still blame Trump over Russia for the Democrats 2016 election loss. SMH

  2. Trump already said on live TV that he wanted to do what president Xi Jinping did when he appointed himself ruler for life. Trump said and I quote "We'll have to try that"

  3. Autarchy/oligarchy have shown themselves to be menaces to humankind. The coronavirus is just the latest example.

  4. "esprimo qui di seguito una mia personale opinione"……………VLADIMIR PUTIN……………e' un dittatore falso vigliacco e ipocrita………….L' OLIGARCHIA RUSSA FA SAPERE SUL FINANTIAL TIMES DI DATA 12.03.2020 CHE VANTA RISERVE DI GAS & PETROLIO PER 570 MILIARDI DI DOLLARI U.S.A. "e l'europa gli compera il gas ed il petrolio perche' schiava della dittatura comunista russa"………il politburo russo ieri 11.03.2020 su euronews ha fatto sapere che VLADIMIR PUTIN sara' rieletto presidente della russia questo perche' il comunismo DI STALIN IMPONE CHE DIVENTINO RICCHI SOLO IN POCHI………………PER IPOTESI SE OGGI 12.03.2020 LA RUSSIA DISPONE DI PETROLIO & GAS PER 6000 MILIARDI DI DOLLARI U.S.A……….i signori STALIN CHURCHILL ROOSEVELT…..devono mettersi in testa meglio nel cervello che… razza umana non dura in eterno…….!

  5. Na menya naveli stolko statey. Rebyata vi o chem? Lotinosi virili moyu pomeranion .oni vizvali polizeizskih.

  6. Putin deserves it. He put a KGB agent into the WH that looks like an orange puppet. That's just ''stable genius".

  7. As an American I could not care less what Russia does. It’s none of our business and that’s just fine with me.

  8. There are so many homofascists who are disappointed that they will have to wait another 16 years to corrupt Russia with lies.

  9. Lol…the russians never had the freedom to choose their leaders…the tzars, stalin, nikita and now putin🤣🤣

  10. I feel like we need to pass something similar for Donald Trump considering his first term was completely side rail by the Democrats running fake news, fake impeachment and phony investigations.

  11. If Russia had a real democracy like the US he would in no way have been in power as long as he have. Both sides would have cut any extension to prolong his reign at the legs

  12. It's funny, really. While Russians happily praised Putin for interfering in American politics, he was stripping away their democracy right from under their noses.

  13. Russian boogey man has 12 more years to terrorize CNN staff in their nightmares. Meanwhile CNN and liberal elites cozy up to China, the real clear and present danger to the USA.

  14. There has never been an election in russia throughout the history. One becomes the tsar there by killing eliminating opponents

  15. One day he Will turn on a street corner, and will be greeted by a Chechen, I’m pretty sure he didn’t kill them all

  16. Worst nightmare for US establishment and deep state. Mr Putin at the helm until 2036. Sounds like excellent news!

  17. CNN should try to impeach putin.. because thats how much CNN matters in international opinion of a foreign powers political system…. god your such a wast of $ and space cnn! fucking morons!

  18. that's what our president must do so that we have peace of mind for a very long time!!!
    Hey CNN, (and all of the other fake news networks) it wont be long before you guys pray that trump gets re-elected, just a matter of time! stay tuned. Hey fake news networks, what would you guys do if it wasn’t for your president tweets???? Really!!! And remember, the best is yet to come! MAGA2020

  19. If ? A divide électoral complétion process is not applicate then Fédération constitution would be A Marxiste constitution ! N'ai


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