AoE3: Wars of Liberty Mod Overview & Introduction


This is a full guide that explains and demonstrates all that you need to know about the Wars of Liberty mod when first starting off. Video Created by Daedralus!

This is a companion video for an Age of Empires article written by Interjection

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I do not own any of the content shown in the video. All credit goes to Wars of Liberty developers for making the amazing mod they have.

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  1. Just to clarify, the god powers of the natives have quite high cool-downs and the later ones can usually be cast only once per game. Additionally, you do need to invest 250 faith to unlock god powers which means sacrificing on gathering other resources. The powers are also not just available off the bat, you get 5 total with 1 per age. On the monument, ordered left to right, you can see at what age a certain god power unlocks. The 3 different native civs also have different god powers. For example, the rain is only for Tupi, earthquake only for Mapuche and fire only for Inca. As all natives, they still suffer from late game economy as they lack upgrades and therefore, powers help them slightly change the tides as they also have no firepit. Hope this helps ^^

  2. wow so much content, new. i like it. does exist a full guide of this game to read? like the video too. thanks

  3. There ara African settlements on the map but we can't build a trade post on them. Are they useless or they have a purpose?

  4. In reality I used churches only for the civ bonuses, I never used my priest for anything but healing units, and there are some religions like orthodox that focuses only on priests, and I notice the AÍ doesn’t use this feature as well. Same with spies, never used them and the AI uses them simply as warriors. As for coronéis, I use them to get XP only most of the time, so I can get the immigrant shipments, it feels like a great feature to add since I’m late game you delivered most of the cards and you need to figure what to do with your shipments. I think my favorite religion is Calvinism, because it allows you to train settlers in your church.

  5. Another problem I had with Black Sea map, there was no sea drop stop for the metropolis, and the AI simply ignores the water, built no docks, no ships, never tried to invade me, and I was playing as the Egyptians, I couldn’t build a dock either

  6. I’ve had some problems with the mod. Some random maps are glitchy, in Congo for some reason I couldn’t explore the map, the black spots would return to black after I explored, in some maps the enemy would simply not spawn, African native trading post spot don’t work (I can’t build trading posts there), same with resource sockets, some new natives that you find mainly in Europe work but no units can be trained, only some technologies and they have no picture, I’ve experienced in a game my town center simply disappearing, in Anatolia the natives work but sometimes I cant take that knight that costs faith and has ranged attack from inside the fort they spawn in (they get kinda stuck), as Brazil I used the lash hability too many times and after I researched a tech that lowers vil hitpointa and increase gather rates all my vils disappeared and when I recruited new ones they wouldn’t appear (maybe it’s my fault but there should be something that prevents u from doing that), as the tupi I tried to recruit a parrot and it didn’t appear, as the Peruvians I noticed I could recruit units with my explorer but these units couldn’t attack anyone so what’s the point? As for a critique, I think the African civs are the worst, I hated playing as them, I don’t like the lots system and I find them unnecessary, besides it makes the AI bad. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I don’t like the library thing, the age up system for Balkan civs I like though.

  7. Editen chile por favor y coloquen 2 exploradores, porque hubieron 2 personas que pelearon por Chile

  8. You can't just add in Age of Mythology powers into 3. Also Africans remind me of Rise of Nations system lol

  9. Excuse me can you provide some help to some people who can't play it because can't install java ? Ive been playing the game on win10

  10. The god powers should cost a lot. Definitely not more than once. Similar to spies or blockade. Technically I can just burn down two factories with a fire? Do I need to be near them? Can the European civ have any way to stop me from doing that? Feels like a cheat then a power.

    Since only a few civ get the ability – their eco must be terrible early so I can rush them?

  11. I think Religion is the least understood mechanic of WoL and heavily underutilized but it's incredibly beneficial based on the religion & civ you choose

  12. Looks great. God powers kinda break immersion though.
    Also, 8:59 lol. I did a spit take when I saw that. Of course that would be a thing but It was surprising to see.

  13. Saw the video couple of weeks ago, and downloaded immediatly and I've been having tons of fun, hopefully some kind of content is uploaded maybe smackdown kinda events or someone playing the civs.

  14. We have this mod because of the wars of liberty team and Esoc team hard working on it
    Thank to all practitioners of this mode

  15. I don't like the mode. Adding aom powers make the game look ridiculous. All the pre-existing "supernatural" stuff in aoe3 can be explained e.g. the priest healing could be a psychological boost to the units. But seriously? Having natives dancing to cast hurricanes and earthquakes? Don't you think that's out of context?
    The first impression you get is nice, but going deeper into those new civs reveals too many cringy stuff to enjoy the game, such as the Greeks speaking ancient Greek in the 18th-19th century with the age of mythology voices.


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