Atalanta 5-0 Milan | Iličić At The Double As Rossoneri Suffer Bergamo Woe | Serie A TIM


AC Milan suffer away defeat to Atalanta and sit 10th now in Serie A | Serie A

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  5. Atalanta vs torino 7-0
    Atalanta vs udinese 7-1
    Atalanta vs milan 5-0
    Atalanta vs valencia 4-1
    They only know to smash teams

  6. Gigi Donarumma please go from my MILAN.. Please.. Please.. Because you are pretending busy but actually nothing..

  7. Ac Milan just need a top class coach like inter got and need to start a rebuild with better players and system, it would be great to get the old ac and inter Milan back

  8. Only ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko save your AC Milan. But after Ukraine win Euro2020 or Euro2024 🙂 ⚽ 🏆


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