Bruno Fernandes silenced Guardiola with arrogant gesture in Man Utd's win over Man City | Oh My Goal


Why did Pep Guardiola and Bruno Fernandes clash? During the Manchester Derby, Bruno Fernandes told Pep Guardiola to be quiet. A daring gesture which explains the tension in the match, but that’s not all. Bruno Fernandes was taking his revenge on Pep Guardiola. Discover the tremendous actions that occurred during this week’s Manchester Derby.


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  1. Sorry but I honestly feel like this channel is like the conspiracy theorist channel of the football world.

  2. Loool he has not experienced suffering at the hands of city. He will know soon enough. Just ask Pogba. Y’all realize Pogba is a bum now.

  3. Bruno is the Captain we didn’t know we needed. But he’s the player Ole deserved, the player that has begun the new dawn of United. Temperament and leadership of Roy Keane, the quality of Scholes and Becks rolled into one. A legend is being built.

  4. This is not the first time he clashes with opposition players. Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo at Madrid and now Bruno Fraudiola

  5. David Silva is likely to leave this summer and if the UEFA ban isn't lifted, he could have a hard time keeping de Bruyne; who knows, maybe not signing Bruno Fernandes could turn out to be a huge mistake!

  6. "Its not me who has beaten Pep 3 times, Its my players!"
    Ole is a good character. He clearly has the dressing room with him.

  7. Pep is son of a whore who else can remember happened the same Pep did against CR7, now clashed another Porthugeese player wtf on his mind I think he lost his brain with his hairs while they are felling brain also went with them together out of him

  8. As a Sporting Club of Portugal fan, I ask United fans if today you would buy Bruno for his release clause of 100M euros?

  9. City shouldn’t have signed Bruno, he isn’t better than De Bruyne and their second choice in Bernardo is still great. Bruno went to the right big club that needed a creative spark

  10. Lmso I hope united just hit a brick wall again . Yous beat city whstever we get its a derby.. There still like 12 points above cruising lol yous r fighting for a spot in Europe lol we can win the league even quicker now so cheers lol I could go on n on

  11. English only saw the finger in mouth sign but didn't realyse the gesture after that that means ball down slang similar to get of your igh horse.


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