Call Of Duty: Warzone – Day 1 Highlights!


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Rogue GG –


Here’s some highlights from the 1st day of this awesome new game!
Blue Microphone and Headset –
Kings Coast Coffee –
Secret Lab Chairs –
Clothing –

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  1. Call Of Duty is still TERRIBLE – Plunder – HORRIBLE GAME PLAY — HORRIBLE —-
    Laggy and Choppy gameplay ALL NIGHT —- Glad this was free so that I didn't feel bad already deleting it.

  2. Let's take bets on how long it is until fortnite has the location names floating above the location. My guess 2 weeks.

  3. Put 400+ hours on tarkov in the last month and a half, started playing this and I lost my hearing cause this game is soooooo much louder


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