Day 3 – Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – How to Remove Watch Bands


Aloha everyone,

Today, we record a quick tutorial on how to remove these watch bands! They’re kinda tough to remove, but we’ll show you the easy way to remove the bands!

Replacement Bands – (NOTE: we have not tried these yet!)

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  1. Man, thank you very much. I'm getting and not so sure about doing closeup things as I once was. You made it a cakewalk. Far easier than I imagined.

  2. Bought a watchband 3 weeks ago and couldn't figure out how to get the old off. Watched the Samsung video…not helpful. THIS video was perfect! Thank you.Thank you!

  3. You can take it off like that the way you said you couldn't have to wiggle it around a little bit the way that you said that you can't do it

  4. Came here to learn how to replace my gear fit 2 pro bands left here wondering what games you play on the switch in the background lol! (Gamers do what gamers do)

  5. My problem is the bands won't stay on. I have read where other people have this issue too. I have 5 different bands for it. 2 have the casing where you put the gearfit inside it. The other 3 are bands like you took off. One will come off if I shake my hand to quickly. The other 2 have come off during workouts. Kind of defeats the purpose of using it with the original bands. Past Samsung warranty.

  6. Broke the band trying to get it off. The metal clip is still inside the tracker face detached from the band. The plastic button underneath that you slide the letter opener under broke off as well. Any ideas how to get the metal clip off?

  7. Ur awesome buddy i just did this for my samsung gear fit 2.. it took long time untill i saw ur video n within seconds my issue is solved.


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