Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson


Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

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  1. We cannot wait for the systems to change. We need the courage of single individuals to follow their passion now, also and especially when it comes to "teaching". As for myself, I am called a teacher at university level but I see my true task in allowing the people who are called my students to become their own teachers, and all they seem to need – aside from some basic information they could easily get from the internet as well – is mainly person to person exchange on eye level and encouragement to walk their path.  And this is not available on the internet!

  2. Bueno… entiendo que la fecha en la que se publica este video, Ken Robinson no entendiera que la multi-tarea (min. 13:57) siempre fue una farza, porque los seres humanos no estamos diseñados para eso y que, por el contrario, las multi-tareas reducen la capacidad intelectual de las personas que intentan desarrollarlas.
    Aquí pueden leer un estudio científico llevado a cabo en la Universidad de Stanford:…/papers/Uncapher_PBR16.pdf

    Saludos y, no coman cuento… no hay personas multitarea. Lo siento por las mujeres que se creyeron el cuento pero, era mentira.

  3. many people here in the comment section start talking about their ordeal at school. However much they complain, they still go back to bed and not do anything about it. If you want change, go out and get change. You know, it is sought of strange, because the education system has trained us not to protest against the education system. It teaches you that failure is bad, so many people are discouraged even if they really want change. When people first try and fail, they get even more discouraged and give up.
    I urge you to stand strong and true to your aim and don't let society chain you down

  4. We all go through different experiences. For me, school had enhanced my creativity. I'm an aspiring artist that has improved over the course of my life. I've entered into art contests and school shirts and a yearbook. I'm proud to meet art teachers that encouraged me to continue expanding my ability to create art. However, others may experience the complete opposite. For those that do, I hope you'll find out a way to keep continuing to do what you love and pursue your passion, you WILL accomplish your goals and reach your dreams. Just believe you can do it, because I think you can.

  5. One of the few silver linings from the coronavirus is that all the online classes will have far more freedom for the students to learn what they wish and do more original paper sand projects. If I only have 3 hours of class work I’m going to learn more about computer science and herbology

  6. You know what's ironic, we literally have to write an essay about this in school. lol
    Clap clap. 12 years have gone by, we're still in the same boat.

  7. Sir Ken Robinson, you model my beliefs about education exactly! Thank you for your demonstration of what schools can do to a child and their success and/or failure. I am quoting you in a book that I have been working on for years and will add you to my acknowledgements section! Thank you so much!

  8. I would far rather make a several page essay about why school is flawed and needs a full overhaul
    Than a five paragraph essay about history.


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