Double Your Computer Graphics for Free


Here I’ll show you how to increase your graphics card performance so you can get higher FPS in games and set higher graphics quality in video games. It involves unlocking unused resources in your GPU. It works with both AMD and Nvidia, and will work in any game. You can do this right in windows, so no overclocking your GPU is required.

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  1. reading the comments makes me think twice idk if it works or not btw if it works if i go to properties of 'this pc" will i see things 2x?

  2. It did not work so well I have a AMD e2-7100does the with matter cause it seems
    Iike it have like amd e2-7100 with blah blah help

  3. Video is literally dogshit went from 141 FPS to 23 did everything exactly as u said as well as spiking my process latency above 1,000 dogshit video no wonder u delete all your data collecter sets after u make your clickbait vids

  4. You click on things far to fast it can't be followed at times, your bringing up a Performance Monitor again – which I just can't find so can't go any further. Might be a good idea to address some of the question, coz I see no point in following your clips. When I am not seeing the screens your bringing up……Its very frustrating……your saying its takes minuties…. Well not for us it doesn't I have been on now for hours.

  5. And the correct way to get everything back to normal?
    The thing is ive trown away the map i maked restarted the system runnend a bench and found out of didnt reset it selve to normal.

  6. To improve performance just change the speed in video settings to 2. You'll get better frame rates … Added bonus: it will save you 5 mins and make him sound funny

  7. After watching this video my computer runs at speed of light.
    As it has burned down and emits light.


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