Globus – Europa [Lyrics]


The song Europa by Globus (from the Epicon sound track) performed live with added subtitles!

Edited by Jaimefoo

(Originally the song Electric Romeo by Immediate Music)



  1. Interpretation of the controversial lyrics
    ‘Of new crusades, religious wars
    Insurgents imported to our shores’
    – Targets terrorist attacks happening such as Madrid (2004) and New York (2001)

    ‘Empires built, and nations burned’
    – US invasion of Iraq and the collapse of the country
    ‘Descendants of the dispossessed
    Return with bombs strapped to their chests’
    – people whose lives were broken and formed terrorist groups in Iraq shortly after invasion
    The song isn’t targeting any group, or ‘predicting’

  2. "Of new crusades, religious wars
    Insurgents imported to our shores
    The Western World gripped in fear
    The mother of all battles here."


  3. Here because, U.K. left Europe. Poor continent. We will see how this continent will go in the future. All europeans , be healthy and give good will. Greetings from Romania. 🇷🇴🙏🙏

  4. Aun el ser humano no aprende que en las guerras nadie gana hay mas perdidas que victorias… 😔😔

  5. For everyone who calls they have 'predicted' some event: all the mentions were already part of history at that time. It's just that history repeats itself because people are too ignorant to learn from it.

  6. We need a christian army to defend the christians in europa, the middle east, africa and asia!

  7. Peace to all….
    Music and lyrics can move people to do good and great things.
    Words like Heaven Help Us ….
    Says alot to truly understand no matter which generation, which war, as long as evil is on one side, Christ with His angels does fight for glory of God, peace and those who fight first for His kingdom.
    All kind of battles has one winner.
    It is heaven where Christ rules.

    As for Europe and places in this small world, wish we cld all live with no hatred or war. Evil will always stir up in men's heart for its own agenda. Gotta pray and then ask….Heaven Help Us.

  8. My only gripe is that the French portion is a little awkward (the subtitles are incorrect for sure) as I've lived in France for most of my life now.
    Gorgeous classic, honestly.

  9. okay so they played this song in my country (lets say around asia I dont want to say where 'cause some people may attack me)
    they made a bg sound of this in a circus and dance performance
    idk it just hurts me when I heard it in inaccurate situation

  10. For one moment I thought Europe was France and Great Britain only. Phew, never can be too sure, can we?

  11. Нашёл это видео спустя 12 лет с момента его появления. И только сейчас осознал, насколько эпична эта песня

  12. Yes, for sure war is hell and I was a combat soldier for 6 years and two wars….but Y O U in Europe surely must realize that you are almost over-run from within. Peace for Europeans is a must, but don't let the enemy within your gates. Trojan Horses.

  13. Yeah ! Let's forget all the shit that the western countries + Israel did to the middle east !! Let's forget this 'cause we are the good guys !! America fuck yes !!

  14. First and foremost I am a German, but after that I am a European.
    Europe is beautiful and every country has its own characteristics.

    It is important that we hold together and that our Europe remains our Europe.



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