GOO HARA : The reasons behind her death


Goo Hara (KARA).

She moves out to live with her aunt after her parents divorce when she was only 14 years old.

The closest family members she had is her brother and her aunt.

More video about Sulli. Watch link below.

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  1. What if they both were actually murdered by some crazed fan, murders that were staged to appear as suicides which happens far more often than most people realize???

  2. Such a shame! These girls were so young…and pretty! You'd think they would have everything to live for.

  3. Whenever i see the skies i think that these both besties ate living a happy life

    .R.I.P. SULli and HARa(╥╯﹏╰╥)ง

  4. hope others learn not to say bad things about the celebrities in korea especially female star because its not proper to give super bad criticism to them see what happened to their kpop star sulli who commited suicide,. she is a great actress, singer and dancer but still became victim of cyber bullying tsktsktsk.

  5. クハラさんのあの彼氏だった男は貧相で、見るからにはナルシストで、なぜそんなやつと付き合っていたのか、よくわからないですね。

  6. I truly think her money should go to youth that want a career to be a idol and don't have support from parents.

  7. Koreans, stop killing your own young people with so much hate and envy in your critisim your leaving no way out for them but suicide.

  8. C'est une tragédie ! sulli .fx 😥 Hara. Kara😥 deux grandes Amies !! j'arrête car je ne trouve plus quoi dire!j'ai les larmes aux yeux 😪je suis révolté par toutes c'est saleté sur les réseaux sociaux !paix a leurs Âmes ♥️♥️😥😥💃💃💏💏🇫🇷 dieu vous pardonneras, j'en suis sûr !!!♥️♥️

  9. she dead because accidentally got hit by coins in forehead while she lie down and playing coin.

  10. I want to say a big F U to this ex boyfriend but, people need to stop blaming others for suicidal people. They are mentally ill and the cause of there own deaths. To lay that at someone else’s feet is sick.

  11. Omg! I did not know that she did not attend Sulli’s funeral . Oh boy That must have been so painful for her .
    I can’t even imagine how she must of felt smh….
    They should have put an hold to her activities during that time and gave her at least sometime to pay her last respect to her dearest friend , she must have been devastated not to be able to see her BFF one last time .

  12. I first saw her in the program invincible youth n loved her I can't believe she is gone now hara sweetheart pls rest in peace I love you n will always remember u

  13. Now they both the best friends will again meet in heaven…R.I.P. both sulli & hara who died so young ……

  14. This is unbearable to watch ! My heart is broken at the sight of these beautiful artists who shared fame, friendship and terrible fate ! May they Rest In Peace ! RIP!


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