honest thoughts on ITZY's WANNABE


my honest thoughts on Itzy’s comeback with WANNABE! I was so excited when I saw the teaser photos and it definitely was not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed!

I feel some people might misinterpret what I meant with the point about choreography, because I do agree that it looks amazing in the music video, but seeing the showcase, I just thought it wasn’t my favourite. That’s it!

Anyways, if you like this type of comeback review video, then please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments!



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  1. I hated icy so much until just two months and Dalla dalla took me a second listen but Wannabe literally caught my attention from the minute

  2. Angelina !!!! You should check out CRAXY they just debuted and they have that 2 gen vibe , and one of the girl Karen have a HALF SHAVE HEAD . They just debuted with the song Aria and its the bomb , they remind me of our lord and saver 2NE1

  3. I love Wannabe so much, as well as the whole album! My favourite song on it is It's a No No 🙂 stan Itzy!

  4. idk i feel like if itzy were to make a love song or any other concept, it'd be weird. they're bad ass, and it seems JYP wants them to stay that way. which in turn sets them apart from the other kpop groups who have different concepts for a CB which is nbd (red velvet queens, mamamoo goddesses). while itzy may have weird male fans, i'm glad they haven't decided to target that demographic. itzy's music could inspire someone, and they def inspire me.

  5. Concept is not a problem…song has the same music as Dalla Dalla…song itself is great…a lot of rookies have similar songs…don't get me wrong i love Itzy and Wannabe…Midzy hit on me…i'm ready to be criticized for my opinion

  6. Y’all just remember itzy is targeted for newer younger audiences most of y’all want to keep the same standards as you would for a senior group 💀

  7. I do agree that their title tracks have the same message but the same style/sound really? Dalla dalla has cute teen crush vibes, icy has summer vibes, wannabe is a little bit darker with subtle club music. And yall saying these songs are similar? You gotta be kidding me.

  8. People are bored of "self love" and "don't care about you" music concept from ITZY cause they are a ROOKIE group unlike BTS who have been in the industry for longer so they have been through more stuff than ITZY as a group. That's the only reason why most people are "ok" with BTS Love Myself concept. It's not a double standard.

  9. I dont think bts doing the love ypurself series is a double standart, because ive seen tons of people calling it overdone, pretentious,, fake etc,, i think people are just trying to find something to hate, its like this with every group that has had a theme. Gfried did a trilogy and people said their songs sound the same, dreamcatcher is doing their rock thing and people complain about the songs sojnding the same (as a fan of rock i find that very offensive because they absolutely do not). The reason bts seems to get less hate for it is simply because they are more established and have more people screaming over the haters.
    Itzy is just doing their thing and people just cant stand successful people. Idk why people say the love yourself thing is overdone, be it bts or be it itzy, because theres never enough songs about loving yourself in my opinion, idk why people act like being happy with oneself is such a bad thing. If they sang about love people would call it aubstance less and overdone too, so might as well have a nice message.
    Twices feel special is also about feeling good about yourself and so are many more songs

  10. When i first listened to the song, I was thrown back because I wasn't expecting it to be like this. After the second listen, I fell in love with the song. This was much more calmer and less "messy" as their other title tracks. It was definitely more mature. So amazing to see them evolve in such a short amount of time. Also another thing I want to mention, the album is also amazing. It carries out this like "runway" and mature vibe that WANNABE has. My favorite B-SIDE would be 'THAT'S A NO NO' love that song. Also the choreography was on point as expected. Their stage presence from what I've seen has improved as well, probably because they have been touring.

    Also, it’s interesting to see how JYP is giving a member the spotlight in each comeback. I know some people don’t really like this “method” but I do like it! This was definitely Ryujin’s era, she shined the most. Can’t wait to see what Lia’s and Chaeryeong’s eras are gonna be!

    This comeback has that same positive message which I feel that all their songs have. The 'confidence' and 'loving yourself' message. I love how ITZY spreads this message through their music. Overall another amazing comeback from the girls! 💜

  11. I really liked it but I think it will get boring for us if they want to sing love yourself songs for the next years.

  12. Regarding the bts comment I just want to say bts LY was delivered in many different ways and LY was diverse. You have dna a kinda colourful concept Fake love dark concept and Idol traditional one. Each of one of their albums had it's story line and theme.They made it art there was a historical points and philosophical points. For itzy they lack these staff bcz jyp is the one who made it. Jyp made the song to entertain and sell. Dalla icy wannabe are all kinda colourful and they don't have story lines and that what makes ppl bored. Ppl aren't bored of bts bcz of their storylines and hints but itzy doesn't even have story lines. Ik it is not itzy's fault but it isn't armies or bts's fault either.Not EvErYThINg iSA DoUbLE STaNDaRD.

  13. I am getting really tired of their “self-confidence” concept. It feels the same and their clothes are always very similar too

  14. i really like Wannabe BUT HONESTLY speaking it has the same vibe as ICY or DALLA DALLA.
    THeir theme is also good but the way THEY are conveying the theme of LOVE YOURSELF in the same way makes it boring…..

  15. Everyone says that they are bored of itzy doing the same concept "I love myself" but BTS does it too(love yourself) ad nobody has any problem with it. Like BTS itzy also wants to spread the message to be yourself.

  16. And also another personal opinion is that there views are literally from ads. I dont think they would have had that so much views if it wasn't the ads that jyp buys. Like literally this song has been every advertisement in videos i clicked

  17. These sick netizens won't even let go of a rookie group like iTZY.Always the same sentence:They copied Blackpink Blah blah blah. .
    I mean can u people stop the fucking mouth of yours?


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