HORSE BASICS, TRAITS, & MORE! | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 60


This episode of the Minecraft Guide is all about horses! Horses are one of the best forms of transportation in Minecraft & should definitely be explored more than we have. We go over their traits, location, and more today!

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  1. Is there a way to breed a color of horse you already dont have?
    like white and dark brown would make light brown

  2. This will be perfect… I won’t have to go through the pain of losing a horse with nearly perfect stats.

  3. i've just noticed that the hmmmm and the arhh that the villagers do is insidious. i picked it up before i started watching your videos, you seem to have picked it up too lol

  4. Plss name horse petra petrang kabayo kqbayo means horse 😂 in tagalog Pilipino Lenquage 😂😂 plss name horse petra get another horse

  5. I found this horse in the wild with a baby. Now the interesting thing is that I havent seen this type of horse in any photos or forums. I dont have any mods either. Both horses were all grey with spots on the back. I tamed both of them and once the baby grew up all the stats of the baby were like the highest they can be. Its stats werent balanced so this baby is a monster.

    Also after what I named the baby you should name your friend… Atlas!

  6. Holding the F3 key and tapping B will show the hit boxes for mobs and entities (dropped stuff). It makes looking for things MUCH easier!

  7. The horse disappearing on dismount bug is a 1.14 thing, because I had it before I installed optifine. Boats do it too, it's really annoying.


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