How Do Sinkholes Form?


Sinkholes form through both natural and human-made processes.

Most of us think about erosion on the surface of the earth, but erosion can occur in the subsurface as well. In fact, scientist and engineers have a very creative name for just such a process: internal erosion. If just the right factors come together in the subsurface, some very interesting things can occur, including sinkholes.


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  1. This was the most dumbest and boring video I've ever seen I thought it would be good guess not tho

  2. Thank you for putting your personal ad/sponsor at the end. Cuz I pay for premium ad-free content and a lot of users are starting their videos with an ad which ripped me off

  3. Love that reference to the Grand Teton Dam. I live a few hours away and had the opportunity to explore the abandoned access channels. There were 20 or so flights of ladders in a vertical tunnel at one point. My arms were so sore.
    That place is such a mess, you almost wouldn't know there was ever a dam there at all.

  4. NINE MILLION VIEWS? how much did you get paid for this video…damn…though you put alot of work into it so go you!

  5. Because the earth is greedy to, it opens it's mouth combined with earth water an it swallows everything up

  6. One day in the middle of earth 🌏. The middle of the world was gone cause of sinkhole. But the world will end in fire tho

  7. What would happen if a lamppost fell in a sink hole? Will it produce another sinkhole or will it have a miscarriage


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