How Manchester City's lack of motivation played into their defeat vs. Manchester United | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf, Alejandro Moreno and Shaka Hislop break down where it went wrong for Man City in their defeat vs. Man United. Hislop expresses his disappointment with Man City saying he “expected much more” from them but ultimately understands their focus may be elsewhere with Liverpool running away with the Premier League.

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  1. I don't understand these ESPN pundits, so City didn't do so well because KDB was not available but they don't believe Tottenham is playing badly because Son, Kane, Sissoko, and Bergwin are unavailable. That's just pure hate for Jose

  2. You lot obviously hate ManU and their players. It's widely accepted among your viewers now. I am a Real Madrid fan and since I don't get to watch all English games I make a habit of watching ESPN and Sky Sports analysis. I can easily say that you dislike ManU. Had DDG made those three big mistakes then you would have skinned him on this show for weeks.

  3. But again if City had to win this game .. would they have? Lets be honest, City's priorities are the cups now … they are. Pep is smart enough not to buy into the media hype around the fixture, he has bigger fish to fry.

  4. Seems like when United are bad they are awful and when good it's the other team that were bad : ESPN.

  5. De Bruyne played in the reverse fixture at the etihad and couldnt do much to stop that loss, difference was united had rashford. he loves to score important goals in big games. more of a loss for united than de bruyne for city.

  6. Seriously the biggest pistoff thing with the derby was fernandes simulation he should have got a red card for simulation

  7. No mention on how wrong they predicted this game? They laughed at the possibility of ManU wining just a day before. At least have the courage to address that.

  8. And they have been winning like this without your so-called world class Pogba.
    Replaced the negative energy in the dressing-room with Fernandes quality and composure, et voilà.
    Had Ole gotten what he wanted during the summer transfer (Fernandes) Man Utd might well be higher up in the table.
    But Poch is available……..ummmm Poch.

  9. This Moreno guy is actually retarded. Was saying with the utmost confidence just a couple hours ago that united had no chance. Now he feels stupid eating his words.

  10. Yes how come none of them talking about the city keeper error ..Oh i get it wont sell unless is Man Utd

  11. Alejandro Moreno full of SHIT…I remember he said man utd has no chance even against the worse Man City's team now he is on the other side hahaha Man Utd always prove you wrong

  12. Like the guys said 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    U dont even care to remember your fellow pundit’s name loool

  13. I've been waiting for Steve Nicol's reactions… Has he suddenly gone hiding! I really wanna hear his opinion on the Man Utd win!

  14. No Premier League title this season, no Champions League next season, City are complacent. Credit for United that is looking like they’ll snatch that CL spot!

  15. ESPN pudits should appreciate what United did in match by pressurizing city winning the ball. Before the match ESPN pundits say that city will smash United The scoreline says who were smashed.

  16. Everyone is saying that United have changed and are looking a better side but Stive Nicole is always against and criticizing manunited. Would he saying the same thing when Sir Alex was there????

  17. Dirty red mancs getting excited because they've beaten a city team who've stopped caring about the league and have a laser focus on the champions League. It's great, solksjaer will still be in charge next season

  18. Well I need my Arsenal to have a response and win vs city because they will definitely be up for a fight this week


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