How to Easily Remove/Replace the Samsung Gear Fit2 Band


After struggling trying to get this off and seeing that I’m not alone, I felt this was only necessary.

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  1. This is SO appreciated. I just got a Fit2 and could not for the life of me figure out how to detatch the bands (I had a bad experience with a fitness tracker where I couldn't switch out the bands and would NOT have bought one that I couldn't change out). This saved me a ton of frustration.

  2. Omg! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying for the longest and I’d gave up until I found your video 👌🏾

  3. Well I have tried and tried and the wristband came off but the little thing that is attached to the watch is stuck there, so the band broke and now I can't take off the little thing that is attached to the watch 🙁

  4. Yes this helped a lot! For another person trying it, don't be squeamish about jabbing your fingernail onto the top slit (closest to the watch). Just jab it in there, and it slides off easy. I was afraid of hurting my nails at first. You don't try to pry it (which will hurt your nails), you just jab it straight in to create that 1-2mm separation needed

  5. For me my strap broke. The rubber strap part is outside and the plastic
    hook thing is still stuck

  6. Thanks to your video, my could manage to change my straps with ease . However, after a few weeks, the strap comes off randomly. Any tips?

  7. Thank you so much – your video made about 1000 times more sense than the Samsung one. I had one side "stuck" on and with your video I got that off and the band changed very quickly.

  8. Thank You soooo much. My band broke and because of the way it did even the guys at Best Buy couldn't figure it out. I am forever grateful!!!

  9. Thanks, I knew they came off as I swapped them to wear on my right wrist back when I got it. I bought a replacement band this month and needed to change it and couldn't get the old one off. The Samsung video is trash.

  10. great video! I had to go to Samsung repair center to change this Band and was happy after receive this "working" wrist watch, but they have changed these bands sides and it was uncomfortable to wear this watch.. so – I have to change these Band by myself!!! THANKS FOR GREAT VIDEO !!!!

  11. Thank you!! I almost gave up trying to change the band but your video actually made sense & I was able to easily get it changed.
    Thanks again!

  12. Yeah maybe don't try and do this in 2019.. I've never taken my bands off. It's an old model since the pro has come out. I snapped something because now it refuses to lock back in place. Yay. Smh


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