How To Get NAT Type 1 PS4


How to get NAT Type 1 PS4 Internet connection. NAT Type 1 explained for PS4 and how to get a NAT Type 1 connection on PS4.
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This video explains NAT Type 1 PS4 connection and how to get it. I explained how to get NAT Type 1 on PS4 and which Internet connection services are not able to get NAT Type 1 on PS4. Satellite Internet providers and wireless Internet hotspots will not be able to get NAT Type 1 on PS4. Getting NAT Type 1 on PS4 is actually very easy. However PS4 Nat Type 1 is not better than NAT Type 2. NAT Type 1 on PS4 just means your PS4 has a public IP address and all ports are directed at your PS4.

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  1. NAT Type 1 = open network, no router/firewall
    NAT Type 2 = has a router/firewall
    NAT Type 3 = closed network, firewall blocking

    You can have an open network on both NAT Type 1 and a NAT Type 2 network. With a NAT Type 2 you just have to configure some things in your router like open the DMZ to your PS4. No need to have NAT Type 1

  2. I have open Open Nat type as my PS4 is in my DMZ, but I have Nat Type 2 when I do an internet test … So what are the advantages to having Nat type 1? As you recommend having Nat type 2.

  3. Hi my scenario is PS4 – router behind router.. router in the living room. I have a Linksys extender in my game room connected to the router. Do I need to have my ISP allow my PS4 on the DMZ? I want Nat2.. thank you!

  4. How to change NAT-Type:!/ navigate to "My online experience is poor" -> "I want to change my NAT type" -> "Both" -> "Type 3"

  5. Does the type 2 contection take your ps4 into a safe mode loop..? Bcoz I have that problem but I don't know from where the problem begins…? Plz help me out if any one knows how to get out of it

  6. K so what i understand is thaf if i am connected to my ps4 whit router thats getting wifi from antena trho a provider. I have it wireles but antena to router goes w cable, so how i have NAT type 3?

  7. IMPORTANT if I connect my PS4 to the modem or router with a lan cable can other devices still use the internet I don’t want to be the only one with internet connection/access the rest of my family still need wifi


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