I got a car! Genesis G70 3.3T. Vlog of the week


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I always had a vague notion of getting a car, but I finally got a car this year.
It’s nice to have my own car ..
Thank you for watching my video today.

Vehicle information
GENESIS G70 3.3T Elite Prestige (Royal Blue / Beige)

(* All driving videos were taken safely with the help of a camera installed in the car or a passenger)

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📷 Camera : Canon Eos R
📷 Lens : RF 24-105 L / RF 35mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM
💻 Editing program : Adobe Premier Pro CC / New imac

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  1. 0:30 둑흔둑흔 새 차 받는 날
    2:04 베베와 드롸이브~~
    4:22 아크릴화 온라인 강의 준비, 기분좋은 햇살
    5:27 코스메틱 촬영
    6:13 세차용품들 언박싱
    8:04 촬영한 사진 보내기 및 슛뚜 책 사인>.<
    9:32 세차
    10:55 커피타임
    11:16 에필로그

  2. 물감이 나오지가.. 나오네(머쓱)

  3. 차 구매는 개인취향. 남들이 터치할 부분이 아니죠.

    저도 제네시스 라인 좋아하는데, 슛뚜님 분위기랑 잘 어울리시네요. 운전하시는 거 좋아하신다고 하셨는데 베베랑 좋은 곳 많이 다니셨으면 좋겠어요! 자차구매 축하드립니다 😉

  4. Your book looks interesting. It features your VLog ? Wishing you many editions to come and translation to English too


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