Insert Tick Box Symbols In Google Docs


In this tutorial I demonstrate the extremely powerful and intuitive tool in Google Docs which not only lets you insert ticks, crosses and tick boxes into your document, but allows you to easily insert any symbol just by drawing it very roughly – no need to know which font it is, what its name is or what type of symbol category it would be in.



  1. Thank you! That was very helpful to me…I am not sure if MS has that feature. Takes me forever to search for a symbol.

  2. I would like to insert a hollow tick into a form and when the end user clicks it, it turns black inside as if to highlight a choice.

  3. Thank you! Helped a lot. Also, I really like your accent, reminds me of Murdoc from the band Gorillaz, ha ha.

  4. wow i was looking for this and i found out about a few minutes before i watched the video and wow i didn't know the drawing feature! cool accent btw


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