Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber Caught Lying Under Oath! NEW AUDIO and VIDEO!


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This new video and audio was first reported on by the Daily Mail. It is from Amber’s 2016 sworn deposition, taken just before Amber Heard dropped her domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp.

Amber has repeatedly testified that she only hit Johnny one time during their relationship. We already know that’s a lie, but here is a very crucial point in her deposition, in which she willfully commits perjury, lying under oath about it.

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Amber Heard’s First Audio Confession to abusing Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp nobody will believe him:

Amber Admits to Multiple attacks on Johnny Depp:

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Daily Mail Article:



  1. For those saying they should have just taken a break if she was going to just sit there and eat. This was actually right after a panic break by her and her team in which she was initially asked if she ever committed acts of domestic violence against Johnny. In retrospect I don't know why I didn't add it to my video. I might put it up on my twitter if you want to check it out. Or I'll use it as a brief follow up during my next video. Thanks for watching! – IA

  2. When people smile or laugh, it is like they're trying to mask their lies, by trying not look serious….

    I once talked to a scammer on dating site, after two months of talking, he asked me to send money to his friend that terribly needed (it was just $100)

    He knew that my salary was around $100 (I'm from a country with low currency rates),

    So I called him a scammer, for asking me to send money to his friend, and his rensponse was HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    while he kept denying for being a scammer…

    I mean if you're not a scammer and be accused of being a scammer, you wouldn't laugh at it, you would put a serious face and deny that….

    And Amber Heard didn't do that….

  3. I wanna slap her teeth out in this interview. Seriously.
    ….but in a way, her demeanor in the room
    only serves as a counterproductive so i guess that's alright.

  4. She's not even a good actress. And what's with her eating the cookies. It almost mocks the deposition.

  5. she is a textbook gaslighter Gaslighters always say you're being too dramatic, you're being a baby… when victim makes objection she was mentally and physically abusive to johny depp

  6. so he gets accused loses a shit load of work, branded a wife beater, gets abused online from retards who judge first ask questions later and shes off making millions with new movie contracts. Seems fair.

  7. Who recorded these conversations? (I'm glad they WERE recorded) Did both parties know they were being recorded? Amber is a TRUE nut case. I hope she gets some prison time for her abuse and lying under oath…a man would. I hope she's shunned from everything and everyone she knows…after she serves her time in prison. Poor Johnny, I can't even imagine what it was like living with such torment from her. I'm surprised her head doesn't spin around in circles.

  8. Who eats during a deposition. I'm really surprised they allowed that crunching during testimony that's being transcribed for legal documents.

  9. Are you Johnny Deep? Seriously, your videos are not objective, because you do not show all the new evidence that comes out, I would like your analysis of the messages of Mr. Depp and see what you think of that, Amber Heard has done more for feminism than many who feel with the authority to judge

  10. She’s trying to keep him OUT of a room, by kicking a door that opens INwards? How do these high-paid lawyers not immediately pick up on that? Or maybe they’re saving it for the proper trial

  11. Great video! I recommend to watch #LieToMe it's a show about body language and crime and it's really good and you can find so much more in her face then!

  12. Look they're both 1%rich fucks their lives are an absurd distraction. We are all on a sinking ship and are wasting all this attention on these spoiled useless excuses; pathetic! Shes a toxic narcissist. No matter what they're so much better off than you it's rediculous. They don't deserve your attention.

  13. I can’t imagine genuine physical abuse victims recalling their abuse with a smug look on their face, not to mention finding the time to smile and have an appetite while being questioned at a deposition with multiple lawyers. If you watch the footage without audio, her demeanor and mannerisms speak volumes about the validity of her claims. Coupled with all the recorded audio of their interactions it’s clear she’s aggressive, combative, and potentially violent. I tend to keep an mind about stories like this when every network and publication is promoting the story ad nauseam for profit motive, but I found it extremely hard to believe from the start when not a single person he’s dated corroborated her claims and is genuinely loved by everyone close to him. I don’t believe in cancel culture as no one is exempt from making mistakes and can be redeemed, but I do think she should face a heavy penalty and potentially criminal charges as she could have got Johnny possibly arrested or hurt by a crazed fan looking to get justice for her.

  14. Ironically her lawyer doesn't really help her case at all. Declaring "objections" each time she was asked a question as though to keep her from incriminating herself??? Well she did, not just in this but many other video tapes and surveillances, witness testimonies and the list goes on and on.

  15. 3:42 am i the only one who finds this VERY weird, her reaction is so strange. I understand the nodding of the head but giving an opposite answer but her stone faced is so strange. why did she say no? and then say yes, still stone faced. You'd think her saying no would have brought on confusion or embarrassment, even if acted. But theres nothing there. Was it sarcasm? but it doesnt come across as sarcasm. I find it chilling, literally.

  16. Eye-rolling has been defined as a passive-aggressive response to an undesirable situation or person. The gesture is used to disagree or dismiss the targeted person without physical contact.

  17. If she wins, I do not know what to do. Looks like ladies can do whatever they want to do. Or she is just sleeping with the right people .

  18. There is no way I could sit there and not shed a tear. The trauma from the abuse I went through hurts me to my soul. Plus it's shameful so I'd be looking down and not looking around the room as though looking for an answer with her eyes rolling back looking in their mind for an answer. Ugh…

  19. I was unsubscribed from your channel by YouTube! Luckily you appeared in my suggestion again, because I couldn't remember the name of your channel. I love your videos, love the detail you go into. You can be a detective for sure.


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