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  1. Championship manager, hasbeen goalkeeper you aught to start supporting Bristol rovers mate you had so much to say about them look at your lot, DOWN 😂😂😂💯

  2. We invite the fans of villa to join the whatsapp group aston villa f.c br.. Conversations in Portuguese and English. https://chat.whatsapp.com/HxmZljLrVkKDUzpsgocXNM

  3. We invite the fans of villa to join the whatsapp group aston villa f.c br.. Conversations in Portuguese and English. https://chat.whatsapp.com/HxmZljLrVkKDUzpsgocXNM

  4. I do feel bad for you, on paper your team is capable of a top 10 finish. And I don’t mean to disrespect the bloke but Dean Smith is so bad, and you’ll lose grealish whereas with a good finish this season you could have kept hold of him and that must be gutting for you lad

  5. At least you don't have to watch your team get pumped every week because I'm pretty sure the league will be canceled or postponed indefinitely

  6. Villa fans fuck off early whenever they play badly, shit support that think they’re special, can’t wait for them to go back down.

  7. I genuinely feel sorry for you and fellow fans of villa….told you thou DS will only get you relegated no player looks interested in his ways and formations. Hope you stay up UTW

  8. As a baggies fan I do love watching these vlogs well done mate, funny aswel that u keep losing 😂

  9. We’ve missed McGinn, Heaton, and also Wesley the past two months. If the fight is there, we can stay up as it looks like 3 teams out of a possible 6 will go down. Need a BIG reaction in our next few fixtures. UTV!

  10. Glad you mentioned Luiz, I’ve said it time and time again to people, The bloke thinks he’s king dick and is about as useful as a chocolate teapot in that villa side. My optimism has crumbled after that performance!

  11. Max your content is great and I agree everyone is to blame but to blaming Anwar El Ghazi for the fourth goal is unfair becaus if he did not put in a good tackle to get the ball what were the other players doing when Leicester moved forward. Mings, targett, El Mohammady were not no where near good during the game grealish was not up to scratch and no were near the game and had fewest touches and smith needs to resign to be honest the man has done a great job bringing us up but for our club it’s the best thing for him to do because it’s the same old tactic grealish do everything but it’s not working out I think terry will be a good fit for the manager also we all need to stick together and support the lads utv

  12. Max you hit the nail on the head, I don't always agree with your comments but this time sir your bang on. Surely its time Smith got the boot.

  13. Well i said it back in Jan smith had to go most fans wanted to give him longer i said then we fail to make the change in Jan we are doomed going down . I wish i had been wrong sadly signs have been there all season .

    I have said all along i can accept it if the team goes down fighting with grit and heart but they have shown very little of that all season so why do any of us think they will suddenly find the fight to keep us up .One word this team are pathetic changes needed to be made months ago .Now ffs make the change buck stops with the manager Smith is a nice guy but that won't keep us up .

    Our trouble is we are a loyal bunch and we don't unlike other club fans start on players when the shit hits the fan but i think players take the piss with liberty's knowing it .If this team showed as much passion as our support we would be top of the prem right now .They simply don't care plain to see on the field . At the very least the whole team should have come over to our support to apologise for that shit show says it all when only handful do it that tells me all i need to know about this team .

  14. Leicester fan here, you actually seem like a really nice bloke but I feel for you guys, sucks when it seems like players aren't trying.

  15. As a  team we cant defend any sort of cross.We have defenders who havnt a clue how to defend Mings included. JT isn't a miracle worker.If you haven't got the tools you cant do the job.Our defence cant get no worse so why not push Mings up to a midfield roll? If nothing else he can spray a ball .Our defensive midfielders cant pass , cant tackle and don't want the ball.We bought 3 wingers that are that s**t we have to play one of the leagues best No 10s on the left wing.We finally get a striker in that has potential and hes up front on his own with no support as hes surrounded by clowns who cant play football and should be in league one.Not only will we go down we will finish bottom. Worst team in the league by far.Worse than the side that took us down before.VTID but sad days

  16. Your keeper let you down…Goals change games.
    I think there are 3 worse teams in the division. Don’t panic.

  17. I mean you could be Ipswich and losing 2-0 at Accrington f*cking Satanly and slumping it 10th in League one.

  18. i think villa are just permanently cursed, club spent enough last summer to secure being premership side just as sherwood did the last time villa got relegated, clouds never seem to lift over the club..

  19. I don’t even know why these lads turn up anymore. They should have just let Leicester win by default and save the travelling fans the price of a ticket and fuel expenses. This team ain’t worthy of Championship football never mind premier league.

  20. As a Leicester fan, our current form led me to expect a really difficult game but as you say Villa were awful on the night. If I was a Villa fan what would frustrate me were the ridiculous comments by Dean Smith. Having had the investment he just seems totally clueless. I don't what game he was watching but it wasn't the same one as me. Having said that I hope you do escape relegation. Fantastic support which should have been properly acknowledged by the whole Villa side and not just the usual suspects


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