Maguire, De Gea & Solskjaer react to derby win | Manchester United 2-0 Man City | Premier League


Hear from captain Harry Maguire, goalkeeper David De Gea and Reds boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the 2-0 win against Manchester City at Old Trafford.

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  1. A little gratitude to the man won't hurt – really! Ole beat City thrice in one season, Chelsea twice…remarkable come backs against Barca and the like last season… awesome awesome individual player growth for people like Fred, Greenwood, James – even Martial & Bissaka… wonderful new signings like Bruno & Ighalo….Ole has made my Love for United stronger – even in bad times.

  2. Everyone think how much better United would be when Rashford comes back as he was pretty much mostly carrying the team before getting Injured and before Bruno and Odion signed

  3. Let's not go away to spurs next Sunday and make these 3 points for nothing . Shouldn't be beating city and dropping points against spurs .

  4. Now add another Leader up front like Kane and another to the left wing Telles and a Wonderkid to the right wing Sancho or Rafa

  5. We've had more attempts than city also on target we've had more. That defence should get more credit

  6. The only thing sad about the match was that IGHALO could've come a little early..The guy is def a true striker 🔥

  7. people always seem to mention consistency in sport, it's not possible. if you wanna be successful you have to be able to adapt and that's what United do so well against the better teams.

  8. I was so happy when we signed pogba but after what he and his agent have put UTD through. I just don’t want him to play for us when he’s fit. He’s as talented as they come but he will ruin the chemistry that this team has now.

    Bruno is now our superstar player but he plays like he still has to earn his way into the team, and as a fan you can’t ask for more when your best player gives his all. Please get that £100-150 million for Pogba and sign Koulibaly to partner Maguire. Sign jadon Sancho, and James Maddison and we lets go the league.

  9. I said 6 months ago “I love and trust Ole, but using dogba is gonna be Ole’s downfall” now its great that Bruno has arrived.


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