Man Utd 2-0 Man City – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer press conference after Man Utd 2 Man City 0

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  1. Will Man utd next season PL and the Champions league Champions,buy Timo and Jadon and don't sell Pogba.
    Ighalo is a good player.
    Bruno is a Architect masterclass
    Man utd Midf(Bruno.. Pogba and Fred)
    OLe is a smart manager.
    He think always positive.
    Power mr. Ole…

  2. I like Ole, remembering him of his simple way of celebration when he scored for this great club during his time as a player.

  3. Journalist: At what time in your life does this sense of triumph compare?
    Ole: To when I had the ring

  4. this is the first derby i have not been interested in for over 46 years we cant go top we cannot go 3rd thats it 2nd for city is terrible yet man u are 5th and open top bus time lol

  5. man utd players seem to be a bit tired hopefully they will be able to rest a few days and be fresh and ready against LASK on thursday.

  6. Bruno is a true red leader.all his signings are leaders..everyone have utd at there heart.exactly what we was missing.

  7. i can understand how some fans want Ole out, but this man lives and breathes Man United. even when given the chance to take credit, he gave it to his players and coaches. this is the man we have at the helm.

  8. The pressure is still going on against Tottenham and Sheffield United and I hope he is doing better to keep his position for next season. Thanks Ole well done 👍

  9. 3 more experienced players we wld be competing mark my word. I have faith in Ole. You can see the togetherness in the team. That is very crucial. I never thought i would be alive to see how Martial is smiling so much with the team

  10. We can't play so well on the ball. We need a system of possession high pressure attacking football. Bring in Scholes.

  11. I think James doesn't want to grow up because is playing in the way he wants but not the way ole wants him to


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