Minecraft education edition full free with crack©


Links are updated 2019!!!!!!!
Hi guys I am Alex! I have opened a new channel in my YouTube.
This is my first video guyss.

Downloading Minecraft is hard and playing it free is even more harder.so, I thought to make it easier and free. So, enjoy.

1st link

2nd link

I think it would be helpful. Plssssss like and subscribe.

sorry for late I have fixed the crack and updated it now the crack will work smooth on newer version of mcee.

Music: on and on cartoon

If make adiquate money from YouTube I would buy Minecraft windows 10 edition and share my email and password. So, help me.

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  1. for the love of god do not install.this is a lie.I do not send you guys if you want to download go and download

  2. I only want to download this to program in mc, little bit easier 😛
    Normal programming is easy too, but… oh never mind.

  3. replace the first link with this because you can no longer get a zip from the official website https://web.archive.org/web/20190428131309/https://education.minecraft.net/get-started/download

  4. One Question it Says: MC Education Edition is NOT in the loopback exemptions list i can add it for you. but you wil have to accept UAC (this wil be done once) but then i run it then it says : Failed to get SignedToken Multiplayer might not work! Please check you connection
    HELP ME i want to PLAY 🙁

  5. When I press run education edition it says minecraft education edition is not installed. But I already have it installed.


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