Movies are Magic: Crash Course Film History #1


Well, they’re not really “magic.” Maybe “illusion” is a better way to say it. As we begin this journey of the history of cinema, we need to understand how movies trick our brains into even understanding that a movie is a movie. In this episode of Crash Course Film History, Craig takes us down the road of the very first inventors of motion pictures.

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  1. Persistence of vision – 1/16th of a second, not 1/5th; didn't expect such a misinformation from Crash Course.

  2. i like a crash course series on animation history that led from rapid moving pictures, to Disney and eventually 3D animation over traditional 2D.

  3. Ten bucks says Tesla actually invented the thing Thomas Edison "invented" and he then nicked it and claimed it was his idea

  4. Q I know you're highly intelligent my friend but wouldn't it be time to make a movie like no other without violence and all sorts of stuff do you remember me little programs when you were a kid growing up used to come home around 4:30 in the afternoon and you used to go up to the TV in the first thing you watched was The Flintstones and around 8 that's the time they had the Six Million Dollar Man now don't you think you'll be high time that you have all this technology now did turn around and Mitten put out a new movie Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors has passed away now and you're starting to make all these cartoon comic book movies but you was Six Million Dollar Man was almost reality which is probably is today but there is no bionics yet but that's around the corner how about turning around and making a movie that had some sense and make the Six Million Dollar Man it's not a crime to turn around and make a series into a motion picture like no other and tell the true story of Lee Majors a true astronaut that was went to outer space and came back and wind up getting hurt on his re-entry and doctors that new science add of their time warmed up making no I find that very fascinating and interesting instead of making all these senseless Space movie stuff that has no meaning movies that are put out today don't take the time in doing something but when they're making a movie the girl blow it all up with violence and it doesn't make it interesting some movies that I see today I want to get up and on my money and walk out there's too much cussing and swearing it doesn't make a movie reality when you got to turn around and screw the whole thing up that's why Oscars are given out to movie stars instead of directors there was only one director the garden Oscar because he took his time and making movie but you make a reality movie out of an astronaut that got hurt coming back and making it so well done it'll make you cry for more I want to see a Six Million Dollar Man movie Sun at its highest quality in Prime make them so real it would blow people's minds that's what we want to see in Motion Pictures you can sit there and try to tell us what other people want what about us seeing people I see more insane movies when they got to talk dirty snotty even Shiki endless and the case may carry on we want to see action in happiness and everything else but we want to see a Million Dollar Man like no other man want to see a movie that a blow my mind like The First beginning of Star Wars nuns too much Disney and what they do with remakes is the tallest story but spend it it doesn't make sense we want to see a movie that's pretty woman looks like reality make it alive make the true a Six Million Dollar Man it's time to do it but you need find the director who's going to spend the time of doing it and also be truly inspired by The Six Million Dollar Man himself let's do this honorably for Lee Majors who passed away and it would be also respectful for all astronauts as well keep your spirits High NASA don't you think you're big time to blow NASA's mind in making a motion picture in making the Six Million Dollar Man but also tributing to astronauts black going to outer space and come back as Heroes what's your nationality is a gyro going into outer space and coming back going to the unknown and coming back from it God that takes a lot of talent and still involved NASA and get it thank you from them I thank you very muchTCB third son of Elvis Presley it'll be time to see the Six Million Dollar Man once again no joke I'm alive and well in Canada check it out my daddy came here and 1957 Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto Ontario Canada

  5. Crashcourse calculus please!!!!!!! Come on, guys! Two episodes that belong to physics aren't enough!

  6. You should have done a short video about the history of short films (I'm sure some of the first films were short…newsreels, and comedic b reels as well…) Maybe CC recess could be that.

  7. I love your courses, but please speak a little slowly. Really, it's hard to follow, and it's not a matter of the language or subtitles, it's just really hard to follow at this pace. Thanks again for the great course

  8. This video was used in a Croatian Theatre today (Cinestar in Zagreb ), it was synchronized and i believe stolen

  9. can you please cite your source. I am using this information for a essay and i need more background sources.


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