OCD and Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29


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Ever call someone OCD because they like to have a clean apartment? Ever tell someone you have a phobia of spiders when, in fact, they just creep you out a little? In this episode of Crash Course psychology, Hank talks about OCD and Anxiety Disorders in the hope we’ll understand what people with actual OCD have to deal with as well as how torturous Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks can actually be.

Table of Contents:

What Defines an Anxiety Disorder 01:55:20
Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 02:35:07
Generalized Anxiety Disorder 04:05:18
Panic Disorder and Phobias 04:47:20
The Learning Perspective 07:38:20
The Biological Perspective 09:13:14
Don’t Use OCD as a Punch Line 00:00:00

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  1. I have a phobia of Canada. Not a joking oh I just didn't like the trip I had there kind of way. I was watching a video of my friend's band and went to comment and had to stop because a user with Canadian in their name had already commented. It gives me an anxiety attack a lot of the time

  2. So i check my windows every second to see if anyone is gonna come in. I think I have OCD I don't know what to do sometimes

  3. I've had quite a few panic attacks in the last year. Like, from last April to this April. They are NOT fun. I once had one in the shower because I got the comb stuck in my hair. When my mom didn't come right away, I started to cry. I felt like I was gonna throw up, and I basically collapsed. The part of me that was focused on making me feel better instead of focused on panicking was like "How DARE you, legs?! You abandoned me!!"

  4. Your presentation; the fast speak, harsh voice and general "hurried" behavior has caused me enough anxiety that I couldn't finish the video. Tone it down. Slow it down.

  5. Actually no healthy mental person is watching this. Only peapole with mental illnesses are triying to feel like peapole understand

  6. I have a phobia of wasps I cry alot thinking about having to be outside in summer. And I refuse to eat outside unless I can run inside I hate it still. And I run if I See a wasp

  7. i feel like i have to take two showers .. sometimes i take two showers and i still feel like i'm not clean enough … then i go to school late because i chose to take two showers .. and then i worry all day about weather i am clean enough or if i smell bad .. even though i took two showers my negative thoughts and worries cause me to want to take more showers ..
    is this ocd ?? or is it probably just my anxiety ?.. or is it both ???

  8. I got diagnosed with OCD last year but I never perform compulsive actions– I just have the same reoccuring disturbing thoughts.???

  9. The first time I experienced a friend having I panic attack I was with another friend who has panic attacks. I had no idea what to do so I’m glad my other friend was there to help.

  10. Holy cow, you'd think 15-20% of the population had OCD instead of 2-3% by reading this comment section.

  11. So is it safe to say Danny Tanner from Full house might have actually had OCD? Like if someone was in real life like him, that would be OCD?

  12. nope, i call this, certain person, because i truly am scared of her and truly believe she is psycho. seriously.

  13. I had anxiety, mild depression, seizures, OCD all in one for last one year. I was suffering from anxiety since childhood which came to notice untill last few years.
    I tried numerous thing and what was the most effective was using "Jatamansi" meaning "Indian Spikenard". Believe me guys, believe me its 100% working in my case and will be useful for all my friends suffering from any of the mental illness. You will live life like a normal and freely. please give it a try. And if this is effective to you please pass on the medicine to all other suffering friends as well. Lets heal each other.

  14. My fathers OCD is so bad he cannot sit down and watch tv without the remotes facing on the same angle and direction, I can’t fathom how uncomfortable you feel when you can’t control this urge

  15. My goodness, you would make an awesome auctioneer. You have the gift of speed talking, but for the sake of actually learning, it would benefit many viewers if you would speak slower. It seems as if I’ve ran a virtual marathon by watching this and other video’s that have the same host. Granted, the information is wonderful and the host is intelligent. However, for note taking those factors do not necessarily apply. Thank you.

  16. See I want to see my friends and go out and I do, but I actually get really stressed about going out and being with peeps I don’t know that well. I also get random panic attacks. Sometimes ether build up or come out of nowhere. I’m 17 and don’t know what to do about it. My mom said she won’t take me to the doctor and I don’t have a school doctor to go to because I’m homeschooled. Any suggestions please??

  17. Two more things cuz I'm bored: Firstly, people with anxiety disorders and flying – do you all sweat profusely on airplanes? I actually have to change my shirt after I get off the airplane, it's so gross, I can't control it! (I'm a tiny female, too…so it's not a weight issue.) Secondly, the bridge thing – this is actually prevalent enough that people can make money helping people like me out???? We have one highway overpass in the city I live in that goes over another highway. I forgot how much I hate that exit, and I went that way the other day. I mean you can't just stop on the bridge, but I totally hyperventilated and started sweating profusely (um…the sweating thing is probably my main symptom that others can see, it sucks.) Anybody else?? I'm just curious!

  18. You know, I've never had someone say 'oh she's so OCD' about me. Nope, they're like 'oh she's just weird…' Yeah, and then my therapist didn't like me referring to myself as a freak.

  19. My OCD is rituals for hygiene. I do bathe until my skin is bleeding. I have rituals for brushing my teeth and bathing.


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