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Carrie Green started her first online business at the age of 20, whilst studying Law at the University of Birmingham. Within a few years she took the business global, selling throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe and receiving over 100,000 hits on the website every month. In 2011 Carrie launched the Female Entrepreneur Association as a way to help inspire and connect female entrepreneurs from around the world. The network has grown to over 140,000 women and they now produce a digital magazine, This Girl Means Business, weekly videos, free online classes and more.

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  1. I can relate! The phase of having a probem, thriving in deploying a solution then feeling lost. This Ted talk is really empowering. I used to think that you have to prpgram your mind to achieve what you can. I don’t know why I’ve totally forgotten about it.

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  3. Great
    Now and well
    Ask for help
    Desi purp pai
    80 mot
    100 resp
    On purp
    Do immed
    Power of ur mind

  4. I think I would have wanted to join her, but then I would think someone else would beat me to it and be afraid to embarass myself being second, but when nobody went up I would have said something and tried to join her so she wasn't alone.. I'm a people pleaser but I don't like feeling embarrassment. Her disappointment would have motivated me to embarass myself though.

  5. I have no idea who she is, but I feel like I have just watched the most motivating talk ever, and I have seen/heard a looot of them.

  6. Excellent. Thank you Carrie. Always good to be reminded of our inner voice and the power to overcome the negative one!!

  7. …… and she is blondee <3 so nice, so inspirating…. sending you love and gratitude from Czech Republic

  8. What about if you are Sick, and you don't want to go to doctor, cab you or will you be healed by yourself, sort of mind over matter? If you don't mind it doesn't matter?? Please give me a reply, as if I went to doctor and claimed any sickness I know I would only get sicker and probably go down hill from there on, not because of my thinking as fact, but because new of laws of attraction and such these are my beliefs and things I have seen, by and with many people going to doctors and having many illness

  9. Have you read about Islam!!! give your mind an opportunity to know the truth . then you will know why god has create humanity then absolutely you are going to find every answers for all your questions.

  10. To achieve Success, you should have
    1- Right attitude to achieve your goal
    2- Right skill set to achieve your goal
    3- Right knowledge to achieve your Goal

    If you have these qualities and have patience even after getting multiple failure, you will get success sooner or later… 🙂

  11. I do accept what a couple of others said – it's not straight forward than it sounds to attract money and you can easily waste a lot of time.

    Be cautious and seek advice from other people who can prove they have made money. I searched many websites and found plenty of great advice by searching google on sites such as Wilfs Wealth Tactic. I wish you luck and hope you succeed!

  12. A person can go for anything to have in this world if he believes and have great burning desire for tht then the mind power push a person to perform a task tht make a person to achieve his goal

  13. Stop shooting down your own ideas. Figure out what you want, how to get there, visualize your success and just do it. There, saved you 15 minutes.

  14. I wanted to volunteer because she’s beautiful but I realized I’m watching this 5 years later

  15. This is an eye opener for me. The mind is a huge factor to the success or failure of a person. What you think as well affects your choice.

  16. This is an amazing talk and have sent it to the important women in myeline as I really think they could be inspired by this 🙂

  17. Well… lost my motivation… after listening a sort of aggressive voice with English accent 😅🙃

  18. I called it!!! I knew she was gonna turn him right back around and make a point!!!

    I need a life…


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