Robert Fischell: TED Prize wish: Finding new cures for migraine, depression, malpractice


Accepting his 2005 TED Prize, inventor Robert Fischell makes three wishes: redesigning a portable device that treats migraines, finding new cures for clinical depression and reforming the medical malpractice system.

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  1. Well to argue that they shouldn't kill pigs to save humans, is to argue they shouldn't make and give vaccines, due to the chance that it will kill the person who receives it. Humans are flawed, are methods are flawed, we have to deal.

  2. and ethnocentric! "the advanced society" vs "africa" which is representative of all "OTHER" societies….

  3. I agree. He says, this is how heart attack victims are treated in a hospital in an advanced society. I say, I'm not surprised when you're still required to torture animals in order to prove something works (which is no guarantee it will, you still have to use clinical trials on humans).

    I expected more from TED, but it's obvious this man has a very strong anthropocentric view, and it doesn't matter how many "lesser" animals are killed in the process. Not very progressive, is it?

  4. Would you rather take the small risk of having the device malfunction but have the reward of detecting a HORRIBLE DEATH or would you prefer to avoid the minor risk and live life never knowing when you'll drop dead? You're welcome to choose whatever you want…I'm going with the device.

  5. @gingimlet55 I agree. If the US wants to reduce costs related to litigation, then get rid of the HMOs.

  6. 4:23 How many pigs died in the ridiculous studies?
    8:30 …another animal killed.

    I expect more from TED. I expect that TED shouldn't support cruel practices like animal testing.

    TED gave this man a PRIZE? C'mon TED – not cool. Give your prize instead to the person who convinces the FDA that pigs aren't humans! Any results of such tests are, at best, circumstantial, and often prove to be irrelevant.

  7. I sometimes get migraine headaches, some of which start with a visual aura. It's actually pretty fascinating, but it's also quite creepy, and you lose part of your visual perceptive field temporarily. The headaches are kind of a bitch, too, though the aura actually allows you to take a paracetamol in advance, which typically makes them a lot less severe. I'd love to try his mind gun, though. }|:o)


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