Solskjaer Critics Proved Wrong? Chong Signs! Man Utd News


Has Solskjaer proved his Man Utd critics wrong or is it too early to say? And Tahith Chongs signs a new deal at United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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  1. I’ve alway been ole in the trouble is ole outers are not patient they want to win the league after one summer transfer window

  2. Mark you are only saying all this because you instigate the negativity … the fanbase have opinions, you should simply convey and hold off with your own !! It makes things fair and more accurate, mate ..

  3. Win or lose … I think we should stick with Ole 💥💥💥 … Clearpar progress … Big shout out too Phelan

  4. Man united always lacked that world class number 10..
    Pereira and Lingard was one hell of a downgrade .. they work hard but football IQ is inborn..its either u have it or u dont..
    Fernandes is the game changer.

  5. Brilliant win the other day! But at the end of day, we cant forget about the lows this season… Losing to Burnley,Watford Ect

  6. That cat story at the beginning is what makes Mark Goldbridge special..
    He talks football but how he diverts it sometimes makes it so relatable to the audience…

  7. I think the turnaround has to be attributed to a lot of things from the coaching Bruno arriving to a bit of luck as well. But do not underestimate the influence that pr guru Neil Ashton has had, from the signing of Bruno and re signing Chong and the visit of Bellingham yesterday.

  8. Manchester United has wecken up for at least three weeks Manchester has been doing well.

  9. Love the channel though because some of the comments make me furious and that shows i care about us

  10. Ole is the right man. Said it and criticised you for being so negative towards Ole and wanting Poch. I respect you but Ole had to drag this club around from the Mourinho era

  11. Everything has changed because non-league standard Pereira is finally out of that Starting XI and World-Class Fernandes is in. We've finally started to create in Midfield. Ole's not just become a great manager all of a sudden.

  12. Stopped watching Marks shows a while back, I see not much has changed in terms of the toxicity… Its a shame this show was really good at one time.

  13. Look at the success of the incoming players compared to the failure of the incomers with the previous managers. Says something good about Ole . Along side that the young players. Ole may not be the best of those managers but he is by far the one I most want to succeed.

  14. if chong signed why didnt gomez sign could it be coz lingard and pereira started before him also with regards to contracts is lingards role important or crucial thats why he has to play or utd will be violating the contract agreement

  15. Luke Shaw is not even one of the best LBs in PL, let alone world. I disagree with your opinion, which very obviously is very emotional based and not objective enough.

  16. Us Ole inners know that he needs time to build his squad so yes we are patient with him. We are building something special and you just can’t see it.

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  18. The Whole Ole IN/OUT debate is pointless and moronic. We started the league with the youngest most paper thin squad in the league. The squad is coming together slowly but surely. Defense is finally clicking, with Bruno the creative element is added to midfield, and Ighalo provides a different attacking option. Give it time, lets continue building the squad and get more pieces of the puzzle together. Once we have a proper squad that has quality and depth all over, then we can properly judge if Ole is a long term solution or not. Until the rebuild is complete this debate is seriously pointless.

  19. Pochettino look at his abysmal record against top six teams and he doesn't play width plus bottles games and doesn't value enough the cup games plus one final in five years plus FA Cup semi finals against Utd and got to the final with a last minute goal against Ajax and 15/16 was close to winning the league before Leicester did and bottled it against Chelsea and Burnley last year and has one of the oldest teams in the league for two years

    That's why I don't want Pochettino he won't progress us to be a league champions or champions league trophy


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