Today we find out how to get the best horse in Minecraft!
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I used the Wiki to get my information, but I verified it through my own testing. By breeding 2 horses, I got offspring that was both better and worse than the parents. I really wanted to be sure their information was correct, and as far as I can tell, it is.

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  1. on multiple (rare) occasions I’ve definitely found a horse with 15 health, 5.5 block jump, and top speed (15 blocks per second on a standard built horse speed test), they’re rare as hell but they exist!

  2. I tames my horse but when I right click to feed it (I play java edition) it makes me mount it I have tried every food I dont knows what is going on

  3. Rn I’m doing a selective breeding type thing in my minecraft world aware of mutations I’m gathering research so thank you for this reseach

  4. My best horse is a third generation horse I called Jupiter, he can run 15+ blocks per second, he can jump 5,5 blocks high and (sadly enough) has only 11 hearts, my healthiest horse has 15 hearts

  5. what if you modified the code so horses can have ridiculous stats or even negative stats and what about NAN stats? would be interesting

  6. You can tame a skeleton horse by defeating the skeleton riders in the skeleton horse trap though they do not breed or eat. The perfect horse is a maxed out skeleton horse using the lightning traps. They can also run and sink underwater as an added bonus making them better than regular horses. Very Hard to do.

  7. My horse is so slow run speed is faster than it wtf i have two skeleton horses and one is real fast but armour wont go on it

  8. I've found a horse that's super duper fast, but I've only seen them twice and I've lost those worlds

  9. Get a horse worst than parents and better, it's called hybrid breakdown and hybrid vigor, it's genetics, both are possible, and I love this game, if you use your science it gets easier

  10. Well i was able to get a 15 heart or 30hp horse with max speed bit cant even jump 2 blocks so for a open area pretty good but cant navigate to good

  11. Found a wild horse thats ridiculously fast and can jump 5.5 blocks with 14 hearts second horse I tried to get lol

  12. I spawned a horse in my creative world that, randomly, is able to clear 5.5 block jumps and goes 13 blocks per second! Only downside, he has 7 hearts.


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