The Need to be Alone


We can often be left feeling that there is something wrong with us if we need regularly to spend a lot of time alone. But the impulse to be alone is, in fact, a sign of taking other people very seriously – and is, therefore, a symptom of being properly, rather than superficially, sociable. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“Because our culture places such a high value on sociability, it can be deeply awkward to have to explain how much – at certain points – we need to be alone.

We may try to pass off our desire as something work-related: people generally understand a need to finish off a project. But in truth, it’s a far less respectable and more profound desire that is driving us on: unless we are alone, we are at risk of forgetting who we are…”

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  2. Bullshit, stabing or shooting you will give me that extra adrenaline, you asked for it gore,I will deliver it
    Just the angle of attack needs to be righteous and correct…none know when that to expect

  3. This video said it SO well. I've been trying to help my boyfriend understand why I want alone time so badly. People who don't share this trait take the need for alone time very personally and it really sucks because all we're trying to do is be ok, just like everyone else. It sucks when someone you love misinterprets it as a statement about them, thinking that you don't like spending time with them or something, when that couldn't be further from the truth. But we should never compromise our deepest needs. I hope this video can help him understand, I just shared it. Thank you for making this!

  4. Terrific! Great images too. I need to be alone more than others, some people are more self-contained than others.

  5. I can relate SO much! This is exactly how I've always described my urge to be alone regularly. And I feel it very strongly.

  6. I'm kinda torn. One part of me likes being alone and taking on activities alone like watching movies, playing games, researching and shopping. Then there's another part of me that tugs painfully like a lump in the throat that cries out for socialising and human connection.

  7. Some of us are not a people person and hate being in social situations in any form of fashion. At least that's how I feel, I can't stand people. But I'll watch them on TV and/or the internet. That's the only contact I want and I'll be happy.

  8. I need Solitude. I've been in relationships with different women for 20 years now…without giving myself Time to heal from those spirits of those women I dealt with. I feel like I'm about to have a breakdown.

  9. Is it related to being an Introvert? What is social intelligence an Introvert should have?

  10. this is 100% true. you are wise, the school of life. this explains 100% why I prefer being alone most of the time.


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