The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction


Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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  1. How could you possibly have missed this incredibly important video? –

  2. Apple fans are just trying to work out which is Thier favourite child as they will have to sell the others maybe there kidneys just to buy the extras 😂

  3. Hey man, just looking out for you but maybe consider getting some kind of Wilson thing going on. You're in a big space for just one dude.

  4. I like the concept, its refreshing. The pen versatility is most important for me. I have a XPS 15 inch tho.. And it is weighing me down in tablet mode. Its kind of what i've been looking for, but the accessory price. is disgusting. As always apple.. But i might get it.

  5. For watching it the only thing I can think is this one still going to have the really bad bendgate I mean it doesn't matter as long it bends so easily it's not worth anything in my opinion then old iPad I guess now is garbage in my opinion just because of how easy it bends literally you can't put your iPad in your backpack where are you supposed to put it then when you go traveling

  6. Honestly it’s pretty disappointing. Why do they keep adding cameras? I have the previous iPad Pro and it’s so large and thin that I’m to scared to take photos with it because I don’t want to drop my $2000 piece of paper. Not to mention people taking photos with iPad look like idiots. Can I just get another USB C port please.

  7. Dam that iPad is at such a good price for a 8 core iPad that outperforms most PCs and 120hz display.

    Apple : joins chat

    Also apple: imma end this mans whole career

    adds a keyboard for 300 dollars

  8. Dear apple, the iPad is a media consumption device. It is not a real computer, it is not made to do real tasks such as run a real OS. The only people that use iPads, are kids, and executive corporate types who only read email. I would rather use my phone over a tablet any day.

  9. Please go in detail about the software in there too, that's a make or break deal for most people. Can they differentiate it from most tabs from the inside as well…

  10. Lew , you are alone can you post some solo techniques that you use daily or frequently to get the work done. May be top 10 or your favorite.

  11. this is getting stupid at what point does a tablet become a monitor, its basically a macbook with a detachable keyboard.

  12. watching this on my surface pro6 w/ an i7 and 8gb which I LOVE
    all the ipad PRO needs is PRO APP SUPPORT. I would switch to apple if they did that… 100%

  13. Love my surface pro but this new iPad pro actually looks convincing, coming from someone who hasn't owned an apple product since the 5th gen iPod

  14. I hope Apple changed the design from a durability standpoint, because it would truly suck to spend $800 on an iPad, hoping for it to last 5 years, and then it gets bent within a week. I’m still rocking my five year old iPad Air 2, and it still feels brand new, not a scratch, I have Apple’s folio smart case to thank for that but I am a heavy user and I plan on using it for years to come

  15. The iPad isn’t exciting anymore. Outside of processing power and battery efficiency it’s just the same. Granted this of true of most every computing platform outside of gaming.


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