Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson treated for coronavirus


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced they tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia. The married couple are now in isolation. Carter Evans reports.



  1. ITS FAKE NEWS! It was a stupid fake, an ordinary PR move (people all over the world worry about the most beloved AMERICAN actor at a old age). …. And in the end he survives, everyone rejoices and the panic subsides … like a virus is not very dangerous for the elderly. Fake that you all picked up … poor people, you yourself are victims of American propaganda, no believe everything !!

  2. why he not coming out that HE WAS SICK "with a cold" at the Golden Globes?!!!?
    TOM why you playing like you just found out you were SICK?

  3. Oh brother…Paying celebrities and famous people to yell that they have it and the majority who worship the “stars” find them credible. They are just doing their job… ACTING. I’m sure they used Tom Hanks, because he gives off this “nice man, innocent, wouldn’t lie to you” feel. But, those awake know what and who he is. He has been totally compromised to be at the level he is at as well as the rest of them being used to push this lie for a way bigger, HIDDEN agenda.

  4. They don’t even look sick enough to be in the hospital and take up limited resources….the benefits of being a celebrity!

  5. When they get well, the public can see how silly we have been over reacting to this. The crisis belongs to the America hating media invested in crashing our economy to hurt Trump.

  6. How the FFFF are they getting "treatment" when it is incurable COVID-19 instant death virus ??????
    I guess they are treating it just like everybody else with the common flue ,thats not 90 and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day . Treating the symptoms , one at a time or the one pill cover them all , runny nose , cough , fever , itchy eyes , you know the standard flu symptoms .

  7. When he dropped the “there’s no crying in baseball” line it brought tears to my eyes. This man was a big part of my childhood. I’m a 40 yr old man crying over a strangers illness.

  8. Oh! my gawd, I just can't believe, it's incredible, the news – am struggling to take it all in – Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks would you believe, the world's best loved Hollywood star, – is – is – is – still married, who'd a thunk it.

  9. I don't believe it. He took one for the Hollyweird liberals. Let me know when a die hard Trump supporter gets it and i might believe.

  10. Glad Mr. Hanks and his wife are getting the treatment they require.

    As rapidly as they are being tested and cared for, the medical community must provide others infected in the country this same level of care – that's what each citizen of this country expects.

  11. Its a scam. Who would come out and say this in public? I don't know of any relative of mine sick with the virus or who knows anyone with the virus. I don't trust anything on tv especially CNN or MSNBC. I think this is planned. They need a reason to collapse the system and the dollar so they can go with their plan to remove cash from the system. Money is our last freedom.


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