Tom Hanks Updates Fans on His and Rita Wilson's Health


The actor took to Instagram to update fans on his health, including a photograph with his wife Rita Wilson.

Exclusives from #ETonline :



  1. Look at this wannabe thug… Rich kid… Hard to believe this is woody's kid… This guy grew up in the Hollywood Hills… Embarrassing his parents like that.

  2. Drink lots of hot tea be safe try to avoid any kind of love making to not spread it back and fourth to each other just in case be safe in all ways and my prayers are with you both with lots of love get well we as all your fans need you around to make us all in the world laugh in life .

  3. What is this? Efforts to glamorize this global threat, with selfies, coronavirus playlists and coochie coo updates? Theres people dying out here! This smacks of something quite sinister. Watch for other 'movers and groovers' head for their paradise island bolt holes.

  4. Hello Everyone
    I hope Tom and his wife , could recover
    To keep continue making more movies
    God Bless you all always Infinity

  5. Fact Check Correction: The President of Hollywood is in fact Donald Trump not Tom Hanks. Also I’m happy to hear from their bare chested unconcerned son that they aren’t tripping. Jeez talk about cringe. WTF is wrong with these people??

  6. OMG like they are the first people to get it!! What about all the other people that are sick, especially the ones that don't get proper healthcare, or are homeless even? Why the hell is everyone so concerned and making such a big deal about these two?!! Here we go again with Hollywood and it's self absorbed elite being treated like they are gods.

  7. Hey put a shirt on before making a video to talk about your parents, nobody wants to see naked chest full of Evil Mess Up Illuminati Tattoos, OK!!!

  8. It’s great that most will wish a speedy recovery, but most wont touch or be near as much as b4 …this is sad


  10. Speedy recovery to Tom Hanks and wife an all others affected,love you Tom, my fav is Splash aww..leave her alone.. Madison!!!!!..classic

  11. Tom Hanks my favorite actor. God is the doctor of doctors and with faith everything is possible. And I have faith that Tom Hanks and his wife are going to be okay. My prayers go out to all the people around the world that has passed away from the Corona virus. May God protect all of us. Greetings from Downey California.

  12. Little children (actually even adults up to about age 49) have a mortality risk of about 0.2%. This one is highest risk for older people and those with cardiac disease, lung disease, diabetes, or compromised immunity (per the CDC). Anybody who takes medical advice from actors is a fool.


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