TOP 10 Best ''PC'' Games of All Time !!!


hii Guys.How R U.In this video, We take a look at the top 10 Best pc games of All time.we selected All Best Games. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comment down below.

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#1. GTA 5.
✅✅ Price Approx = 2,350 RS.

✅✅ Price Approx = 1,350 RS.

#3. Mafia 3.
✅✅ Price Approx = 2790 RS. |

#4. Fallout 4.
✅✅ Price Approx = 2290 RS. |

#5. Far cry primal.
✅✅ Price Approx = 1499 RS. |

#6. Saints Row 4.
✅✅ Price Approx = 549 RS. |

#7. GTA 4.
✅✅ Price Approx = 699 RS. |

#8. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.
✅✅ Price Approx = 1399 RS. |

#9. Sleeping dogs.
✅✅ Price Approx = 485 RS. |

#10. Watch Dogs.
✅✅ Price Approx = 1190 RS. |

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  1. The worst thing about a game that is a masterpiece is, you only get to play it once without spoilers. After that first playthrough it becomes a game you dont want to play again because you know it will never be as good as the first time you played it. If you wanna play the best game of all time, play the Ori series. Ori and the blind forest and will of the wisps. Trust me. No game you have ever played, not even bioshock infinite will be able to match the masterpiece called Ori and the blind forest.

  2. Old is gold(gta vice city)
    By hearing vicecity i remember my childhood.
    Oh those precious time…..😊😊😊😊

  3. The best game i have ever played in my life is Farcry Primal …
    Definitely one of he greatest PC games ever made ……
    Anybody who disagrees is a fucking idiot …..

  4. where is gta san andreas ? one of the best games of all time. despite being old yet it is very played and best storyline of all time . remove watch dogs and add gta sa

  5. Bro if your gonna put assassins creed syndicate then make a list of best 50 games cause you forgot so many cool games but it’s okay such a good video

  6. when you call your video "TOP 10 Best ''PC'' Games of All Time !!!" and put watch dogs on the list it shows you know nothing about PC games. you should call your video "the only 10 games I have played so far"

  7. I also like open world sandbox games just like you, this is my top 10:

    10. Saints Row 2

    9. Mafia 2

    8. Sleeping Dogs

    7. The Elders Scolls V Skyrim

    6. GTA 5

    5. Just Cause 2

    4. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

    3. The Last of Us

    2. Red Dead Redemption 2

    1. GTA San Andreas

  8. i'm play fireboy and water girl on hudgames. This game is very interesting. How to download this game to computer?

  9. missing from list max payne,hitman,witcher3,HL2,nfs mw,,CSGO,resident evil.
    and you chose worst game from each franchise
    Watchodgs 2>1
    AC black flag>Syndicate
    mafia 2>3

  10. Mafia 3.. Really? .. Stop doing drugs. And please stop this type shitty videos. You are misusing YouTube.


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