Top 20 Best PC Games of 2019


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  1. Top 10 My Favorite Openworld Games for PC | Part 3


  2. I know I might get alot of hate comments but I don't think Mortal Combat is a PC game. Even if there is a PC release.

    Edit: 60% shooting games

  3. Thumb down just partial for you. Mostly for the satanic pointless games. All shit! All need to delete. Shame on the player of this shit!

  4. I think "Super Buckyball Tournament" should be on the list!
    It seems like if Rocket League and Overwatch had a baby!!!

  5. I found you through the suggested videos. First your videos are very informative.

    I just made a 'Gaming Youtube Channel' so I'm definitely doing my research. Thanks for inspiring videos. Please keep it up! Just subscribed!

  6. Only read if you have high end or medium specs PC:

    Far cry 5
    Far cry new Dawn
    GTA 5 and online
    Read dead redemption 2
    Tom clacy rainbow six siege
    Project cars 2
    Forza horizon 4
    Final fantasy 15
    Just cause 4
    Just cause 3
    Minecraft but with best shaders it looks real life
    Resident evil7 biohazard with all dlcs
    Dying light is best for zombie game lovers
    Sekiro is also good
    Witcher 3 wild hunt
    Battlefield 1
    Battlefield 5
    Watch dogs 2 is open world alternate to GTA 5 but not as amazing
    Gears of war
    Metal gear solid 5 phantom pain

    Please reply if you have more and help others 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Whether you play on pc or console, yakuza and bloodstained Ritual of the night are absolutely worth every cent.

  8. Which i don't recall this level in COD modern warfare. Someone tell me the correct name of this game.


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