Top 5 Celebrities With Corona Virus | Tom Hanks, Donovn Mitchell & more.


Top 5 Celebrities With Corona Virus | Tom Hanks, Donovn Mitchell & more.
Part 2:
The Simpsons Predicted Corona Virus:

Coronavirus things is mind blowing. It’s one thing to see numbers on the news of those effected but when celebrities we feel like we know contract the virus it brings it a lot closer to home.
From the sporting world to influencers and A list actors no one is safe and people are going to extreme lengths to make sure they don’t catch it…
Corona Virus has made for some interesting content online and those who just so happen to be coming down with the flu are being treated like lepers and put in quarantine.

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  1. Oh no!! At first sense none of my friends, co-workers or family members didn’t have it I thought the virus was a hoax BUT now sense those whom we look up to and admire on TV can catch it, it MUST be true. 🤨

  2. How is your Corona virus laced Andrenochrome working for all you sick pedophiles? Tom Hanks is one of the most prolific pedophile in Hollywood and that's not an easy position to hold, seeing how they are all sickening. Look into this people it's not hard to find the facts!!!

  3. So the same guys that signed the contract
    And proved they would do anything for fame.
    I am meant to believe them.

  4. Tom and Rita were arrested and are now in a military installation in the US. Confirmed. They never contracted CV-19. or the Chinese Flu. Helen Degen is next…

  5. Eminem has corona, when he was at the doctors his palms were sweaty knees week arms are heavy there was vomit on his sweater already his he said after he ate Moms spaghetti he felt sick

  6. Their is no virus it’s going to be a new world order and one ☝️ world currency god help us all

  7. and they all have no severe symptoms while ordinary people are suffering or dying from coronavirus. So bizarre. Celebrities have strong immune system! Illuminati !!


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