Vietnam War in 13 Minutes – Manny Man Does History



Find out about the long and gruelling war fought in Vietnam, how it happened and how it affected the the world superpower of USA!

Written and created by JOHN D RUDDY @johndruddy
Illustrated, voiced and edited by JOHN D RUDDY @johndruddy

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  1. many Cambodia hate Vietnamese because of Khmer Rouge and Pot pol but i believe that we re right. I tried to explain to time but it's not use 🙃🙃
    Can't even!

  2. Cá không ăn muối cá ươn
    Ngụy không có nước, cút luôn cho lành
    Đm mất nước hơn 40 năm mà vẫn đéo chết, cá 3 que cũng dai vãi

  3. As a Vietnamese person, it's funny to see how it's quite difficult to pronounce Vietnamese names.

  4. Bảo vệ á bọn ba que cướp phá ngang ngược giữa ban ngày mà gọi là bảo vệ tui ở miền nam Việt Nam còn không biết sao lạ đéo gì nữa kênh bưng bê mĩ thôi chứ có đéo gì

  5. If i was the prez, i would have nuked them over and over until the jungles were glass. Then I would have nuked Japan again so anime would never come out… the end.

  6. "Rolling Thunder"
    The first time in the America airforce history, even in the world, B52 dropped as Sung,wasting monney for meaningless fight

  7. how many B 52 bomber plane down when bombing Hanoi ???
    After that defeat, the Americans took a seat at the negotiation table in Paris
    . Remember that !

  8. When you’re in a Vietnamese forest and you hear the trees say “giết người Mỹ!”: hol up something ain’t right

  9. If they want to make war for twenty years, then we shall make war for twenty years, if they want to make peace, we shall make peace and invite them to tea afterwards.
    That’s all we wanna talk to you!

  10. there was no massacre in 1968, the so-called massacre was created by the government of the Republic of Vietnam and the United States. The country of Vietnam belongs to the people of Vietnam. What rights does the United States of America interfere with the internal affairs of our country?

  11. Northern Vietnam violates the Paris accords and they are the one unified country by force and military actions so Le duan is the bad guy here and disrespectful to Ho Chi Minh he changed the will of Ho Chi Minh so he is the one who ruled the country

  12. In India I'm taught in the text book that Ho chi Minh was a great freedom fighter of Vietnam… Who fought against all colonial strengths… And as an Indian being suppressed by colonial forces for 200 years really felt for him and Vietnam…..
    Kudos to every Vietnamese that they failed to devide you into two countries and led you to long Lasting moral and economic fight like INDIA and PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH… Being a Bengali My grandparents had to overnight leave their houses forever and come to new India… Many of my relatives died in this nuisance…

  13. Kênh này chưa biết phải là kênh phản động hay không nhưng tin tức nhiều thứ không đúng sự thực
    Nghỉ ngờ độ trung thực của kênh này

  14. Me see the title as a Vietnamese: Vietnam war? Which one? Cuz we’d been in quite a “few” wars for thousands of years


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