Watching Manchester United 2 Manchester City 0 with Manchester United fans in NYC bar


#TheBeautifulGame NYC | Documenting football culture in #NYC
Watching #ManchesterUnited #ManUtd 2 #ManchesterCity #ManCity 0 in NYC #premierleague



  1. Man City fans who claim that Manchester is Blue are hilarious. They didn't know history. Just flash fans after Man City got the Arabic Sugar Daddy. Lol

  2. I love you united so much we have best supporters in the world I follow you through good times and bad Mutid 4 life xx

  3. So Yeah, next pub stop when am in NYC. Be prepared. The swede is coming hopefully next season🤙🏻🤙🏻

  4. Being from Manchester I love this! Good to see great support from across the pond from our utd brother and sisters. Come on you reds!

  5. holy shit, that's the most intense passionate fan support I've ever heard from Americans.
    usually when I see American sports spectators the atmospheres seem great but much more, not laid back, but like family friendly. more about enjoying it as entertainment rather than having a really deep seated emotional investment.
    anyway, hats of to my fellow reds across the pond GGMU 🔴⚪⚫

  6. The saddest part is seeing/reading many Europeans call African supporters "African experts" for giving their opinions on a club they love and support and yet kick out so much respect for Americans. If you watch Ighalo's interview you'll realise just how passionate African supporters are. They cram 200-400 people in a room the size of a small pub just so everyone can watch and support United.

  7. huge united fan here…new channel, check us out for match vlogs


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