Welcome back! GOT7 [Music Bank / ENG / 2020.04.24]


Welcome back! GOT7 [Music Bank / ENG / 2020.04.24]

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  1. Mark said his favourite nickname is Tan Mark . I think he has to talk to his makeup artist otherwise it can turn to Pale Mark 😳

  2. the background noises happening when each member talks though. I can't with these guys and their rowdiness,

  3. Thank you KBS WORLD! For eng sub!! Finally, I know what they said!

    LMAO when cameraman's following BamBam while he does that elevator thing. Hahahaha

    Yeah! Bammie! You are the coolest and also the cutest for me! >///<

  4. Bomin really have this close relationship with the JYP artist (Stary kids Hyunjin, Jackson, Kim Donghee, and Shin Ye Eun). 💕💕i luv it.💕💕

  5. 555 เจ้าพวกนี้จะน่ารักไปไหน😄 เพลงโคตรมีเสน่ห์ 😍แต่หลังกล้องน่ารักจริงๆ😄

  6. No offense….but kinda looks like jinyoung s observing bomin at 1:07…😅😅😅 ..ok dude u r handsome too 😂😂😂…… oh my mind 🤦‍♀️

  7. This is short but shows their real personality. Like honestly these are the sort of people you wanna be friends with.

  8. Mark BamBam behelan.. Jackson gtw kayaknya iya juga .. JayB gtw kayaknya iyaa .. Mereka gemass..

  9. but why r ye eun and jinyoung like this???? literally no other actors are this way after playing a couple¿¿ why yall pretending u dont know each other

  10. Gosh
    Their weird sounds that they made
    The fact that bomin didnt know what to do bc of jackson
    Soooo funnny
    Thats why i love got7

  11. is it just me or they got more severe with their antics this comeback. they are just doing whatever they want in every promotions or guestings. lol


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