Yo-kai Watch 4 – All Bosses (Main Story)


Yo-kai Watch 4 All Bosses & Final Boss Gameplay from the Main Story, Chapter 1 through Chapter 10, on Nintendo Switch with no Commentary in HD 1080p 60 fps! (Activate Description for timestamps)
Yo-kai Watch 4 Playlist:

This video showcases all the boss battles in Yo-kai Watch 4, including the smaller boss battles that lead up to the final boss of every chapter within the main story of the game:

00:00 Shadowside Slimamander
05:56 Jinta & Jingeki
10:34 Gargaros
14:44 Douketsu
15:34 Touma vs Douketsu
18:21 Kirin
22:29 Suzaku
30:43 Shutendoji & Douketsu
32:24 Shadowside Yamamba
35:52 Shinmagunjin Fukurou
38:52 Genbu
42:36 Jorogumo
52:10 Tamamo
53:17 Shutendoji & Douketsu
54:55 Tamamo
55:59 Shadowside Tamamo no Mae
58:28 Jinta & Jingeki
59:11 Shutendoji
1:00:11 Shuka vs Shutendoji
1:02:09 Douketsu (Soranaki Virus)
1:05:08 Byakko
1:06:25 Touma vs Byakko
1:09:17 Touma vs Shutendoji
1:10:39 Ashura
1:12:14 Shien
1:13:19 Godside Yo-kai vs Shien
1:16:15 Soranaki Round 1
1:18:13 Yasha Enma vs Soranaki Round 2
1:20:28 Kaira (Soranaki Virus)
1:29:12 Soranaki Round 3
1:33:27 Enma Awoken vs Maten Soranaki (Final Boss)

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  1. Just platinumed this game on PS4 version. Seriously this game is 10 times more enjoyable than pokemon S&S to be honest. Even after you finished the main story of the game, you still have a lot of things to do. It's quite sad to know that total sales of this game is quite bad compare to pokemon which doesn't make sense for me. The gameplay, story, and the emotion are much better and im just wondering why japanese not supporting this game. Hope every 1 will be able to support this game when it localize because while playing this game, I can feel their effort of making this game great and yes, it's an amazing game for me.

  2. 「すべての上司」で笑ってしまいました笑笑🤣(ボス妖怪のことだとは知っていますが…)

  3. everything looks cool n' all but.. why does Slimamander look like a type of pirahnna plant? I mean if he got in smash I'm ok with that

  4. Yo-Kai watch 1,2,3: Let's make them fight the final boss a minimum of 3 times
    Yo-Kai watch 4: Not even four times is enough!


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