Yo-Kai Watch – All Fusions and Evolutions


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Hello everyone and welcome to my walkthrough/ let’s play of Yo-Kai Watch for the Nintendo 3DS and today, we show of all the fusions and Evolutions for all the Yo-Kai in Yo-Kai Watch

Yo- Kai that evolve by fusing with another Yo-Kai:

Helmsman + Armsman = Reuknight
Tattletell + Lafalotta = Tattlecast
Dulluma + Mochismo = Darumacho
Dazzabel + Cupistol = Rattelle
Castelius III + Castelius III = Castelius II
Castelius II + Castelius II = Castelius I
Jibanyan + Coughkoff = Thornyan
Jibanyan + Roughraff = Baddinyan
Manjimutt + Manjimutt = Multimutt
Enerfly + Enefly = Betterfly
Happierre + Dismarelda = Reversa
Hidabat + Tengloom = Abodabat

Yo- Kai that evolve by fusing with an item:

Castelius I + Platinum Bar = Castelius Max
Chansin+ Legendary Blade= Sheen
Chansin + Cursed Blade= Snee
Chansin + Holy Blade= Gleam
Beetler + General’s Soul= Beetall
Cupistol + Love Buster= Casanuva
Signibble + GHz Orb= Signiton
Frostina + Glacial Clip = Blizzaria
Rhinoggin + Unbeatable Soul = Rhinormous
Pupsicle + Snowstorm Cloak = Chilhuahua
Shmoopie + Love Scepter = Pinkipoo
Ak e+ Buff Weight = Payn
Grumples + Ageless Powder = Everfore
Timidevil + Shard of Evil = Beelzebold
Noko + Drop of Joy = Bloominoko
Draggie + Dragon Orb = Dragon Lord

Fusing Item Location:

Legendary Blade: Jungle Hunter exchange
Cursed Blade: Jungle Hunter exchange OR Precious Illusion Quest
Holy Blade: Found in Whisp while fighting Orcanos
General’s Soul: Jungle Hunter exchange
Love Buster: Dropped by Casanuva
GHz Orb: Dropped by Signiton
Unbeatable Soul: Jungle Hunter exchange
Platinum Bar: Dropped by Castelius Max
Love Scepter: Dropped by Pinkipoo
Glacial Clip: Request 104 reward OR Terror Time Chest
Buff Weight: Dropped by Payn
Shard of Evil: Request 106 reward OR Terror Time Chest
Snowstorm Cloak: Request 102 reward OR Terror Time Chest
Ageless Powder: Request 105 reward OR Terror Time Chest
Drop of Joy: Dropped by Noko
Dragon Orb: Request 103 reward OR Terror Time Chest

Yo- Kai that evolve by level up:

D’wanna: level 15 Evolves Into: N’more
Negatibuzz: level 17 Evolves Into: Moskevil
Pandle: level 18 Evolves Into: Undy
Cutta-nah: level 20 Evolves Into: Cutta-nah-nah
Cadin: level 21 Evolves Into: Cadable
Hungramps: level 22 Evolves Into: Hungorge
Dimmy: level 24 Evolves Into: Blandon
Droplette : level 25Evolves Into: Drizzle
Slush: level 25 Evolves Into: Alhail
Roughraff: level 26 Evolves Into: Badude
Fishpicable: level 27 Evolves Into: Rageon
Noway: level 29 Evolves Into: Impass
Walkappa: level 32 Evolves Into: Appak
Komasan: level 35 Evolves Into: Komane
Komajiro: level 35 Evolves Into: Komiger
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  1. How did you get ALL the blades?I thought you could either get the legendary or the cursed blade and I never heard of the holy blade.
    And how did you get the platinum bars?
    (Pls excuse my bad english)

  2. I dont say i hate yo kai watch cuz i rlly love yo kai watch , but isn't yo kai watch not kinda a rip-off from pokemon ?

  3. I never had a 3ds so I never had the game but I can yokai watch 1 remastered on my Nintendo switch


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