You can learn Arduino in 15 minutes.


The ultimate Arduino tutorial for beginners. Learn how to choose an Arduino, dim LEDs, build a motor speed controller and more. Sponsored by Audible – Get a free 30 day trial & download one free title:
Example UNO kit:
Example UNO robot kit:

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  1. Y'all might find this vdo interesting as well. YT algorithm works 4 a change.

  2. 15 minutes to learn takes years to master. like chess. u will be pestering arduino forums every 15 minutes for problems that pop up every 15 minutes. instead of consulting an electronics textbook.

  3. Arduino later changed its name to Skynet and started working on advanced microchips that power Terminators. I hope you are aware of this well-known fact.

  4. Concept:-
    When water tank is empty then motor will off…
    When tank is full then motor will turn on…
    How to make this using arduino uno ?

  5. I'm tryna get into this sh!t, as it's what I'm going to study in my next school. But I'm really struggeling to understand anything about everything.

  6. I learned arduino in 7.5 minutes by increasing speed to x2.
    I just have one question:

    What is "arduino"?

  7. God damn it! This is one of the best tutorials I've seen for anything. You are clear, no music, good mic, but since I'm a dumbass, I can't do any of this lol.

  8. @Afrotechmods One can easily make sense of this nicely presented tutorial. I hadn't looked into Arduino uses before. It's quite a useful little addition to any enthusiasts spares box.

  9. "I'm gonna talk about how to make an arduino control the speed of a motor"

  10. Nice video, but I use an Arduino Uno as ISP, which is mean we can't always depend with the Mega328

  11. "not as simple as learning Python" shots fired lol. I've been trying to learn Python for more than a year.

  12. This is 1 of most to the point, simple, clear n precise explanation of (seemingly) complex subject such as Arduino- thx

  13. heard a million times huh? i'm a low tier tech guy n this is my 1st time hearin o this *sn but am a fan of analog


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